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Born This Way

Jim Burroway

March 9th, 2011
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CNN profiled an interesting blog called Born This Way. Paul V., who created the blog acknowledges, “Yes, I know – the awesome Lady Gaga is calling her new CD this as well. But that name and this idea has been brewing in my head for a long, long time, and I finally got off my ass to at least start the project here.” The photo/essay project invites readers to submit childhood photos and pictures reflecting their earliest memories of how they expressed themselves in unique and foretelling ways. “Nurture allows what nature endows,” he reiterates, and his blog is a great participatory project with the goal of showing kids that being different does not make them a freak. It makes them beautiful.



Regan DuCasse
March 9th, 2011 | LINK

Several years ago I read an essay type book of narratives that seems similar to this one called “When I Knew”. The essential biographies of gays and lesbians and when they became aware of their same sex attractions.

That there are so many compassionate sites and videos that instruct young gay people to ‘stay alive’ is telling in itself, the tragedy of anti gay sentiment that in part casts blame of this tragedy on the orientation alone.

I’m arguing these days that being anti gay is unnatural. That one is instructed constantly and throughout life to distrust and be hostile to gay people against all natural inclination to not feel that way whatsoever.

A gay person shouldn’t have to defend or explain themselves to the degree of defending their LIVES and means of LIVELIHOOD.

The existence of Exodus and systemic hostility, generates the kinds of distrust and confusion that makes honesty impossible, and exploitation of deception absolute.

Those who are indoctrinated in this distrust, lose their own natural curiosity and are discouraged from challenging even the basic rule of respect for experience as access to truth.
There is no reason to not LISTEN or BELIEVE the narratives of same sex attraction as inherent since childhood, but is a vile LIE that it’s harmful and damages society and the worth of heterosexuality.
And a lie that kills.

This is why I insist that the character of those who foster the ex gay movement is weak. There is no will to challenge the status quo or support greater education and understanding of gay people.
Which can only come about in a safe, non hostile environment in which equal protections are in effect.

I’m done with people from Exodus or any other gay hostile entity that insist THEY are the only people who are truthful or USE the truth, when those whose lives are being discussed are completely excised from the equation.

I’m wondering at those people who insist they are so smart and capable of moral depth, have so little curiosity, courage and honesty to even entertain the idea that what is preached to them might need further investigation into what is really happening?

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