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Laurie Higgins hates the sinner

Timothy Kincaid

April 15th, 2011

Laurie Higgins is an activist who writes strident florid diatribes decrying “the normalization of homosexuality” for the the anti-gay hate group, Illinois Family Association (IFI is one of only seventeen groups so designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center). But Laurie doesn’t see herself as a hater – or not of people. Laurie only hates sin.

Higgins’ specialty is schools and one can usually find her railing about the evils of gay-straight alliances, often at about the same time that the news is covering the story of a gay teen who committed suicide. And as part of the small but shrill collection of truly outlandish wackadoodle activists, Laurie is dedicated.

Annually, she calls on Christian parents take their kids out of school on the Day of Silence to show that they oppose its goal of drawing attention to anti-gay bullying and harassment. She considers No Name-Calling Week to be “devilish” because the curriculum, which call on students to not use ‘gay’ as a slur, “manipulate[s] emotions while never exposing or critiquing the assumptions embedded within the activities.”

And it isn’t that Laurie thinks that these are admirable efforts which go too far in their efforts to stop bullying. Nor does she simply think that such efforts unfairly portray conservatives as hateful or uncaring.

Rather, Laurie believes that there should bea culture of disapproval and condemnation” towards homosexuality. She believes that Christians students have a moral obligation to denounce the homosexual agenda in public schools and cultivate a such a culture.

But Laurie owns no shame for this. She feels no responsibility whatsoever for any consequences that come from her campaign. That children suffer is not due to her words of truth but due to the confusion from others lying to them and deceiving their soul.

And Laurie is firmly convinced that it is she who genuinely loves those who experience a disordered sexual attraction to their same sex. Unlike the depraved, carrion-devouring culture, Laurie loves them enough to tell them that a celibate life lived in submission to God is not a lonely, unfulfilled life. She alone is brave enough to tell children that a life in which they will never kiss, hold hands, date, infatuate about, fall in love with, marry, build a life with, and grow old together with anyone ever is a life defined by real love and real peace.

And as much as she loves those depraved and disordered people, she hates their sin. And it is her hatred of the sin of homosexuality that drives her to feats of rhetoric that have contributed to IFI’s recognition as a hate-group.

In fact, Laurie can stand as Example One of the embodiment of St. Augustine’s call to Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin. But the little problem with loving the sinner and hating the sin is that Laurie, like most who live that principle, just can’t tell where the person lets off and their sin begins.

Let’s look at a paragraph from her most recent article. Although it is titled as though calling the church to care, it is just one of her usual encouragements to hate. The sin, of course.

When I think about the evil done to children by teachers who tell them that homosexuality is deserving of respect and affirmation, I become angry, and I desperately want others to experience the righteous anger that should well up in decent people who see young children taught that evil is good. We do not embody the love of Christ when we remain silent while body and soul-destroying lies are being affirmed to and in children, teens, and adults.

Laurie would have us note that it is homosexuality that she opposes. But is it? Are teachers telling children, “homosexuality is deserving of respect and affirmation”?

No, they are not.

Rather, teachers are telling students that homosexual persons are deserving of respect and admiration or, at least, that their homosexuality is not cause for precluding such persons from respect and admiration.

And Laurie doesn’t believe that at all. She thinks that society should be withholding respect and admiration for these people. It should reject and condemn. It should make them feel shame.

When we consider the honesty of the situation, what Laurie really means is:

When I think about the evil done to children by teachers who tell them that homosexuals are deserving of respect and affirmation, I become angry, and I desperately want others to experience the righteous anger that should well up in decent people who see young children taught that evil doers are good. We do not embody the love of Christ when we remain silent while body and soul-destroying lies are being affirmed to and in children, teens, and adults.

But that looks too much like hate so say in public.

And besides Laurie would tell us that she does think that they are, like all of us, “deserving of respect and admiration as a Child of God.” She would go on about their eternal soul and what “real love” means and sacrifice and freedom in Christ and a whole lot of other phrases that allow Laurie to see herself as separate from the misery, pain, and death of innocent children for which she will have to answer to her Maker.

But the truth is that when it comes to real gay people in real situations, Laurie’s sees the sinner as inseparable from their sin. And her only response is hate.



Tony P
April 15th, 2011 | LINK

It’s typical fringe Catholic behavior.

April 15th, 2011 | LINK

This is a person lost in thought, so to speak.

She doesn’t appear to know what a “moral norm” is.

Deep seated “gay” attraction exists as a ‘normal variant’. Yes, that is a fact. Indeed, that makes it entirely appropriate to ask students not to shun, bully, harass, or degrade fellow gay students.

If she wants to teach that “gay” can be moral only insofar as it means celibacy, that is her (needlessly diminutive) private belief, to be taught in a comparative religions class, only.

If she wants to teach that “gay” is “hellfire” or something like addiction, then she’s at odds with the facts of gay life, both as individuals and in society.

If she wants to teach that “heterosexuality is morally superior to homosexuality”, she’s bumping up against the fact that gays finding other gays to make them fulfilled/happy (and committed/married) is an obvious moral good, evident even to the children.

If she wants to teach that it’s wrong for nongays to have gay sex, and visa-versa, she’ll have allies beyond her faith community.

April 16th, 2011 | LINK

Did she take lessons from Fred Phelps?

April 16th, 2011 | LINK

Laurie Higgins is currently IFI’s most prolific contributor to their website, and as noted above, her writings are one of the main reasons SPLC designated IFI as a hate group. The other main reason was writings by Peter LaBarbera, when he headed IFI several years ago.

I find it interesting that it’s exceedingly difficult to find any pictures of Higgins. IFI posts none on its website.

She presented at LaBarbera’s “Truth Acadamy” last summer, yet her portion of the presentation is available as audio-only, while the rest of the seminar (or whatever one wishes to call it) is available in both video and audio format. I am not going to pay a dime to LaBarbera’s AFTAH to find out what she said there, but I have found a YouTube video of Higgins presenting at another seminar. Here’s the link: The picture is a little grainy and nothing new is revealed here regarding her views that hasn’t already been noted.

Regan DuCasse
April 16th, 2011 | LINK

She and I wrote to each other recently. I told her my background and profession, yet…she seems to think she knows more about what bigotry is and the moral implications regarding race as opposed to sexual orientation.
Omitting of course the historical record, that one’s race, gender, orientation or financial poverty have always been conflated with moral character and placed and recorded as deserving of discrimination.

To challenge people like her on the cred treating another person as they’d like to be treated, can’t be asserted enough.
WHICH people deserve to be exempt from that, as well as who prefers to never be held to that standard, is something that people like Higgins who claim the mantle of moral leader, fail time and time again.
Their hypocrisy is easily pointed out, at the same time they avidly deny that’s what’s in play.

There is an obvious contradiction to their embrace of Constitutional protection for THEIR chosen religious affiliation, why saying that chosen behaviors (which they decide is chosen even when it isn’t) shouldn’t be protected by the Constitution.

Higgins is rarely in forums where these can be pointed out, and few mediators even in neutral forums bother to do so.
When the urgency of life or death, freedom or oppression is far more evident than it is for someone like Higgins, its only fair that our concerns have higher priority.

Higgins represents the kind of people who insist on boundaries for gay people (and others), but none for Christians.
Human sacrifice, whether literal, figurative, political, societal or spiritual: is illegal.
Children especially cannot be the lambs for such slaughter.
Where are all the cooler, smarter heads on this? They should be more in abundance by now.
Especially because of the publicity that the suicides of so many children got last fall.
Higgins and her ilk deserve scorn for the hypocritical and morally bankrupt people they really are.
That they themselves don’t want to be held accountable for it, is another example of what moral cowards they continue to be.

Ben in Atlanta
April 16th, 2011 | LINK

If interested you can Google the origins of how this came to be and what is happening now.

Thump back.

Timothy Kincaid
April 16th, 2011 | LINK


Higgins is extremely protective of her own image. While she prefers to pretend that her writing has no actual impact on the lives of others, she is paranoid about the impact it may have on her own.

But thanks for the reminder. I revised the commentary to include one of the few pictures of her that are available.

April 16th, 2011 | LINK

I used to confuse Laurie Higgins for Linda Harvey and vice versa. Both women have the same initials and spew the same ridiculous, anti-gay vitriol.

April 16th, 2011 | LINK

This ladyis just another nut case. She has no meaning of what the Bible teaches. She is another one that writes what she thinks her bible says is the right thing.JUST ANOTHER NUT CASE!!!

April 18th, 2011 | LINK

Verses denouncing Homosexuality & Abortion in Bible:(combined own study)60
Verses with instruction to “aid the needy”, Billy Graham says 250, Rick Warren: 914
Matthew 19:21 “Give All to the poor – Jesus Christ”
In Acts Chapter 2 verse 45, the Christians sold all their worldly goods and give the money to poor. Will anyone confront Ms. Higgins on these items?

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