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  1. Roa
    August 26, 2011

    Does anyone know where I could find some stats on politicians who get busted being sleaze balls? What I’d specifically like to see are the numbers of conservatives v liberals and if they are hetro affairs or homo. It just seems the trend is that Dems get busted doing more hetro fooling around and the Republicans are more apt to get busted with boys.

  2. Ben in Oakland
    August 26, 2011

    Nope. Not a euphemism at all.

    He’s just admitting to being, honestly, a big fat asshole.

    Not that I wish to malign a far more useful and ultimately more attractve orfice. But there you have it. These things just write themseves.

  3. Ben in Oakland
    August 26, 2011

    OMG. These yhings WILL,keep writing themselves,

    In his confirmatory Denial, it appears that he hath wienered, Anthonetically speaking, his own butthole.

  4. Tony
    August 26, 2011

    Are you seriously captioning that picture with a reference to “faggot”? Stay classy.

  5. Ben in Oakland
    August 26, 2011

    Omg, another one.

    hello, I’m Senator arango. I sit on the senate select committee for fundibular research. [thats a very obscure 19th century refernce)

    I have many photos of men’s buttholes. How would I know if that one is mine?

    More as I think of them.

  6. james
    August 27, 2011

    My doctor has been urging me to lose weight. He has said it many times, really, every time I see him. Gosh, do you think he’s coming on to me?

  7. BlackDog
    August 27, 2011

    Oh my Gods, yet another anti-gay conservative public figure counteracting that voice in my head that keeps screaming “Okay, logically they can’t ALL be gay? Can they? CAN THEY?!?!?!”

    There will come a time, where that voice simply goes off and cries in the corner and slowly fades away.

    At that point, I’ll start assuming that if some dude is acting real religious and spouting off with a lot of anti-gay rhetoric I’m just going to assume there’s some issues there.

    Why don’t they realize that if they’d just man up and admit it, guys like me would crack a lot fewer jokes about them?

    Jokes about normal, everyday average gay dudes just aren’t funny (and are usually signs of bigotry/closet-ation/homophobia or all of the above) but you almost have to joke about the anti-gay-gay-dude because it’d be sad if it wasn’t so funny…or maybe funny if it wasn’t so sad?

    The world will be a lot better place when these people grow up and realize not only does God not care, but most of us grown-ass adults don’t either. Only the high-school mentality of movement conservatives and religious nuts is making a big deal out of shit like that.

    These people need to grow the fuck up. Sorry about the rant, but this crap is getting old.

  8. Lindoro Almaviva
    August 27, 2011

    Roberto, papi, RoBerto

  9. John
    August 27, 2011

    How many people take a picture of themselves on their knees with their butts up in the air to see if they have lost weight? How does a naked picture of his butt hole show weight loss? Never mind posting them in what is basically the public domain?

  10. Rick
    August 27, 2011

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck… :-) Guess he is a duck then :-)

  11. Rick
    August 27, 2011

    James, Has your DR given you a Prostate check ? If not then he is probably not coming onto you, however if you are interested in him maybe you should come onto him :-)

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