“Don’t Let Your Kids Watch Chaz Bono On ‘Dancing With the Stars'”

Jim Burroway

September 4th, 2011

That’s what Fox News commentator Dr. Keith Ablow is warning parents. Because, you know, you might see a guy who looks like a heavy-set guy dancing with a girl.

Earlier this month, Keith Ablow, who calls himself a psychiatrist, called pedophilia a sexual orientation. The APA disagrees sharply, defining sexual orientation as attractions based on genders, not age groups. According to the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, sexual orientation consists of the four broad categories of homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual and asexual. Pedophilia is a paraphilia, not a sexual orientation. Either Ablow is ignorant, or he’s deliberately misleading his audience. Those are the only possibilities here. If in giving him the benefit of the doubt and conclude he’s merely ignorant, then he needs to go back and re-study Sexuality 101, assuming he ever studied it in the first place. But either way, this is what passes for “science” at Fox News.


September 4th, 2011

The horror of seeing a fat guy dance with a skinny girl. It’s too alien to the wholesome image of the child’s fat daddy and fat mommy dancing together.


September 4th, 2011

Dear stupid bigoted parents – if you don’t tell your kids Chaz was born Chastity they will never know. If there’s a problem it’s because you created it yourself. (And Ablow is an ass in his opinion and his refusal to refer to Chaz as he.)


September 4th, 2011

Go debbie C


September 4th, 2011

Dear stupid bigotted people without children–We don’t lie to our children. They will know Chastity is a female because she is.


September 4th, 2011

Hey, PT – your honesty is refreshing – especially if you intend to teach your children that yes, some people are born questioning their gender and yes, with the help of modern science they can remedy that situation if they wish, to be honest with themselves and those around them.

What lucky children you have, to grow up in such an open, informed household! No doubt they will feel secure and able to explore the full spectrum of sexual identity knowing that they will have your love and support.


September 4th, 2011

To PT, its unforntunate your opinion will confuse your kids. Chaz HARDLY looks female. How are you going to explain THAT?

Another sad, sad person heard from…..


September 4th, 2011

A JUST society would remove children from domiciles (won’t call it “home”—it ain’t sweet!) where they are abused by their parents’ bigotry.

Don’t worry, PT: we don’t live in a just society.


September 4th, 2011

We need to stop giving these people a pass. Anyone who sets themselves up as an authority on a subject and then distributes untruths in that subject is not ignorant – he or she is a liar.


September 4th, 2011

Keith Ablow expresses his personal ideas which are completely contrary to the APA’s position on LGBT issues. There is a reason Chaz Bono never went to Ablow for his professional help. Ablow is dangerous! His license, if he has one, should be investigated by the regulating authorities. As a psychologist, I believe Ablow brings discredit to the profession.


September 4th, 2011

Honestly, you couldn’t pay me to watch DWTS. But I just might give it a few minutes of my time for Chaz.


September 5th, 2011

The reality of this is fairly simple…SHE *IS* a “she”. MAN cannot perform a “sex change”. At best, all MAN can do is surgically mutilate and alter a man to APPEAR more female…or a FEMALE to appear more LIKE a male. GENDER is what you are BORN with. What is so difficult to understand about this? SHE can call herself “CHAZ”, take hormones, and have her breasts surgically butchered and removed with knifes….but it does NOT make HER a MAN. It DOES, however, make her mentally ill. And it does make her nothing more than a butchered, surgically MUTILATED female.

Rob in San Diego

September 5th, 2011

So when an adult male molests a little girl I guess that’s our fault in the hidden homosexual agenda? And when a sexually repressed catholic priest molests little boys I guess that too is our fault cause he’s in a frak’d up religion? And all the women who are kidnapped while jogging, rapped, murdered, and thrown in the woods, that must be our fault as well?


September 5th, 2011

Hey David, mind if I ask you a question??

Have YOU ever had to live with being different from most other people that you know??

I was diagnosed with ADHD and a learning disability as a kid. You know what they said? You have to do the same homework as everyone else anyway.

I’d lived in California for a couple years and attended a Catholic school with high academic standards. Well, I bet you can imagine what people said about a smart, somewhat well dressed, obviously religious kid in a small redneck town in backwoods northern Michigan…regardless of the obvious GIRLFRIEND…I’ll give you a hint. The word has three letters in it and something to do with the nature of this site…

I grew up, joined the Air Force, got hurt in a car accident a couple years later and as an adult had to live with the fact that I had become disabled.

Eleven years ago, I got married to and then divorced a mentally ill Pentecostal religious nut and 99 percent of the world will never understand what she put me through.

Gender re-assignment surgery might not be a perfect solution or line up with your tender sensibilities…but guess what?? If it helps someone better express who they are and cope with life a little better…that’s their business not yours.

I’m guessing your white, straight, and have nothing physically wrong with you. Most likely, you have no idea how priviledged that makes you in America…nor any appreciation of that fact.

Until you’ve (figuratively speaking) walked a mile in somebody else’s shoes and can understand what they have to deal with…you have no fucking business on God’s green earth commenting about it so sit down and shut the fuck up.

Some people can overcome their problems. I haul trash for a living, basically. Some people have to find medical or psychological solutions.

Unfortunately there’s no such cure for being a bigot, only life experience.

Rebecca Ashling

September 5th, 2011


My personality resides in the neurons and synapses of my brain, not between my legs. Neurology trumps urology and gynaecology. And to survive, I had my body physically adjusted to be congruent with that neurology. Imagine a world where half of the population has two right hands and the other half has two left hands. Further imagine that you’re a right-hander in that world but you have the brain structure for a left-hander. Consider how life would be for you in such a world.

Priya Lynn

September 5th, 2011

DebbieC hit the nail on the head, there’s no way any child would think Chaz was once a female unless they tell that child.

PT and David are laughably out to lunch. Chaz does not look female in any way, there’s no way anyone would mistake him for a female without being told he had been born Chastity.

Bigots like PT and David rail on and on about how they shouldn’t have to have their children exposed to the knowledge of gays and transgendered individuals, and yet here it is they who insist on making their children aware of us when they otherwise wouldn’t be.


September 5th, 2011

Hey David, the REALITY is that YOU can CAPITALIZE all the WORDS you LIKE, but that DOES not GIVE validity TO your opinion.

Priya Lynn

September 5th, 2011

LOL, good one, Boo.

Ben in Atlanta

September 5th, 2011

“If in giving him the benefit of the doubt and conclude he’s merely ignorant, then he needs to go back and re-study Sexuality 101, assuming he ever studied it in the first place.”

There’s no need to make that assumption. He’s just an over-educated, stupid, motherfucking, bigot. Call him on his fucking bullshit.

Mark F.

September 5th, 2011

I may watch because I’m curious as to how someone as heavy as Chaz Bono can possibly be a very good dancer. There is a reason you don’t see obese people in dance companies and Broadway shows. But maybe he’s lost some weight.


September 5th, 2011

Mark F.
You haven’t seen Samoan Dancers. They are usually heavier than the average Dancer, but I have seen some of the most agile dancers, and they were large Samoan men. Americas Best Dance Crew had a Samoan crew a few years back and they were Amazing!
Large people can dance, not all, but just being large doesn’t keep you from being able to dance.
*This comes from a larger than average girl who CAN’T dance at all :)


September 6th, 2011

I’d like to see at least 3 more comments about Chaz’s weight please.


September 6th, 2011

Honestly, I firmly believe that not only would most viewers not know that Chaz is trans, but that most people, if asked cold, wouldn’t be able to tell you anything about Sonny and Cher’s family – most people wouldn’t know they had a child at all, or whether the child was an only child, or whether either had kids once they split up.

While I firmly believe that there is nothing offensive, scandalous, or dangerous about Chaz being and being presented as openly transsexual, to the degree that this is an issue at all, it’s an entirely made up issue being generated entirely by people who want to take offense.

On the other hand regardless of Chaz’s motives, it’s pretty clear that the NETWORK wouldn’t have invited him if they didn’t hope that the scandal would create buzz.

Not unlike Bristol Palin last season.


September 7th, 2011

Hey, David. I used to think that way. Then I grew up.


September 7th, 2011

Yes, David, people are born with their gender. However, gender and sex are not the same thing. For most people they match, for some they do not. Chaz is one of those people. His gender has always been male, otherwise he would not have been going through all of this. He is now changing his sex as much as possible to match his male gender. It is very obvious that the concept of a person’s gender and sexuality characteristics residing in his/her brain is over your head. You can correct this by educating yourself, but something tells me you won’t.


May 15th, 2016

Pc bs. go slap each other on the rump.i’ll vote trump.

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