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Another Former Ex-Gay Leader: “Nobody Quit Being Gay”

Jim Burroway

November 3rd, 2011

This time, it’s Sergio Viula, founder of the Movement for Healthy Sexuality (the Portuguese acronym is MOSES), an evangelical ex-gay organization:

But how was this process of ‘abandoning the sin’? Was it like a treatment?

– That didn’t really happen, after all. It was like the so-called discipleship, which happened to be brainwashing, indeed. You have to get isolated from your former circle of friends, start attend church meetings, go through counseling sessions, pray, fast, and stuff like that. When somebody happened to get involved with another homosexual, he had to confess what he’d done. THAT’S FUCKING CRAZY! Sorry, but even nowadays I feel angry when I remember that.

Why anger?

– Nobody really quit being gay. There were relationships even within the group, between an activity and another, they would always find time for that. Can you figure out how much suffering to myself and to all of those who have already worked or been influenced by this kind of ‘ministry’? That’s enraging! And there are people repeating that stupid discourse until today.

He used to call himself ex-gay — and had even married and had two children — but says “Today I know that I was deceiving myself.” He also describes the effect being an ex-gay leader had on him:

[I]t was an act of violence against ourselves, as we had internalized the homophobia that surrounded us from early childhood, as well as against the others, because we reproduced that very homophobia which they had internalized by themselves long before. We just reinforced it even more.

UPDATE: A note from Viula

I’ve just released a translation of my book in English on slideshare: Check it out, please, and if you like it, spread the news. ;)

Sergio Viula



November 3rd, 2011 | LINK

Anti-gays love to brag about “former homosexuals”, but you’ll never hear a word from them (again) about people like Viula or Smid.

November 3rd, 2011 | LINK

Similarly you seldom or never hear from them about Michael Bussee, Gary Cooper, Jim Kaspar, John Evans, Jeff Ford, Jeremy Marks, Wade Richards, Christine Bakke, Darlene Bogle, Raphaël Creemers, Frank Shears, Günter Baum, Anthony Venn-Brown or Paul Martin – all once “former homosexuals” who proclaimed the “ex-gay” message to the world.

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