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  1. CPT_Doom
    November 27, 2011

    Re: John Aravosis, I don’t think it’s correct to say he “outed” James Guckert; rather he revealed a massive media fraud perpetuated by conservatives that involved Mr. Guckert and the “news service” for which he was employed (although Guckert claimed to get no income from “Talon News”). Mr. Guckert’s sexual orientation was never an issue, nor was his personal dating life. What was relevant was that Mr. Guckert owned the domain names for several escort web sites and appeared to be offering (a much younger version of) himself as an escort. What was relevant was that Mr. Guckert had no training or experience as a journalist save a 48-hour training course at a conservative college. What was relevant was that Mr. Guckert, despite his complete lack of experience, was able to “break” stories about political opponents of the Bush administration, via both “Talon News” and a right-wing radio show he was chosen to host, again without any prior experience, but never seemed to do any actual reporting. What was relevant is that “Talon News” would repackage press releases from the Bush White House virtually verbatim and then put them out as “stories.” What was relevant is that Guckert was never able to gain legitimate credentials to be in the White House Press Room, relying instead on over 200 day passes, which anyone can get, but could not remember a single name of anyone in the Press Office who ever gave him one of those passes. What was relevant is that “Talon News,” which claimed several “reporters” other than Guckert, ceased operations that moment this fraud was uncovered, deleting their entire catalog of stories.

    Aravosis did not out a member of the press, rather he and the bloggers he inspired uncovered a massive political operation that has never been fully examined or explained.

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