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Criminal Complaint In Miller-Jenkins Kidnapping Implicates Anti-Gay Web Site

Jim Burroway

December 27th, 2011

Last October, we learned that Federal authorities have dropped charges against Mennonite minister Timothy “Timo” Miller, who was arrested last spring and charged with aiding and abetting in the kidnapping of Isabella Miller-Jenkins, specifically for purchasing airline tickets for the Isabella and Lisa Miller to Nicaragua. Miller, who is not related to Lisa Miller or to Isabella, was reportedly cooperating with the ongoing investigation into the kidnapping. Since then, another Mennonite minister, Kenneth Miller, was arrested and charged with aiding in Isabela’s international kidnapping conspiracy. The Advocate looked into the affidavit against Kenneth Miller, and discovered that the conspirators suggested using Life Site News, an unofficial Catholic anti-gay web site, could be used as an intermediary for communications:

In one November 2010 email exchange from addresses linked to Kenneth Miller and Timo Miller, Kenneth Miller allegedly expressed concern about the whereabouts of Lisa Miller and Isabella. Referencing an October 2010 news article on Lez Get Real reporting that Miller and her daughter were in Quito, Ecuador, Kenneth Miller wrote to Timo Miller in Nicaragua, “Is she still in the same country that she was? Can you get a hold of her?” The email was written in a mix of English and Pennsylvania German, a dialect spoken by some Mennonites.

“When we still want, we can send a letter about her through this, and we can get it mailed from another country over here. We can send it to a site that’s called lifesitenews,” Kenneth Miller continued in the email, according to a translation by an FBI contract linguist. “That’s a way that to get word to [unintelligible] friends. What do you think of that?”

The affidavit shows that Miller appeared surprised by the reference to Quito, Ecuador. “I don’t believe it,” he wrote, “but have you heard anything like that? Is she still in the same country that she was?…” Melanie Nathan, who had been an author at LezGetReal but left before it was revealed that the blog’s main writer was a hoax, now says that she believes the story she wrote placing Isabella at Quito was based on fraudulent “tips” passed to her by LezGetReal’s fake lesbian “Paula Brooks” (real name: Bill Graber). That would explain Miller’s apparent astonishment about reports of Isabella’s whereabouts and his desire to learn whether she was “still in the same country that she was,” namely Nicaragua.

The Advocate, which posted its story shortly before Christmas, notes that Life Site News has written extensively about the Miller-Jenkins kidnapping:

With headlines such as “Lisa Miller’s Daughter Appeared Traumatized by Visits With Lesbian ‘Mother,’” to “Ex-Lesbian Fighting for Custody of Own Child Against ‘Civil Union’ Partner,” Life Site News’ coverage of the multiyear custody battle between Miller and her former partner, Janet Jenkins, has been extensive. It includes forceful commentary in support of Miller’s conduct—a warrant for her arrest was issued in April 2010—as well as Timo Miller’s alleged involvement in the kidnapping. In a December 1 Life Site News op-ed titled “Cowardice: The State and Homosexualist Powers Against a Former Lesbian and Her Daughter,” Brazilian antigay activist Julio Severo characterized Lisa Miller and her daughter as victims in a perceived war against religious freedom. Jenkins, meanwhile, was cast as a predator and cynical “lesbian activist.”

Other anti-gay organizations have also been implicated in the kidnapping case. An FBI investigation revealed that Miller fled with considerable support from an employee and benefactor of Liberty University and Liberty Counsel, which provided for Miller’s legal defense.



Regan DuCasse
December 27th, 2011 | LINK

Smells like Timo and Kenneth Miller got plea deals of immunity if they cooperate.

And Janet Jenkins still doesn’t have her child back right?

Such despicable people keeping a child from her only other parent. Sold Isabella, ‘down the river’ so to speak. No gay parent should be subjected to such alienation and pain from outsiders exploiting (if not abetting), the break up of a gay couple.

I don’t know how they can see anything moral or right in such deliberate infliction of suffering like this, but that’s their intention.
As if to find out if gay people can cry tears or bleed real blood.
The anti gay are constantly trying to make those things happen, then deny it’s possible they do.

Bridgette LaVictoire
December 27th, 2011 | LINK

Mr. Burroway,

The tips were not hoaxes. They really were real. That they are inaccurate is just the nature of journalism, and I- the owner of the site now- have addressed that already. We had tips, we reported in good faith, we now know that they were incorrect, we issued a retraction. That is the nature of journalism.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me.

Still, that post caused those guys to panic, and implicate others. Wrong or not, that post still did a lot of good.

Bridgette P. LaVictoire
Owner, Managing Editor, Lead Writer,

Melanie Nathan
December 29th, 2011 | LINK

Ms. LaVictoire has no way of knowing whether those tips were real or hoaxes, because she was not my source when I wrote the article. There is no good faith reporting when a reporter, that is me, Melanie Nathan, at the time, is being lied to by the person delivering the information. Period. there is no defense for this, regardless of the outcome. How dare LaVictoire even begin to compare journalism “as usual” with her remark “that is the nature of journalism” in this context, where the whole site and all its writers were being deceived by their own publisher!

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