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Fear the Fischer: AFA’s Spokesman Calls Romney To Heel Again

A commentary.

Jim Burroway

May 4th, 2012

On April 26, the very day when Gov. Mitt Romney’s openly gay foreign policy spokesman Richard Grenell was muzzled during an important foreign policy conference call with reporters, American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer told his national radio audience that if Romney wants to win in November, “you had better start listening to me.” According to Republican insiders speaking to reporters at several news outlets, it looks like that’s more or less what the Romney campaign was doing. And so on Tuesday when news of Grenell’s resignation broke, Fischer made a victorious prediction:

And here’s what’s important. This is why it’s important that I take Gov. Romney on, that we as a pro-family movement take Gov. Romney on, is I will flat-out guarantee you he is not going to make this mistake again. There is no way in the world that Mitt Romney is going to put a homosexual activist in any position of importance in his campaign.

Today, Bryan Fischer, whose campaign to force Grenell off of Romney’s campaign resulted in that campaign stuffing Grenell in a different sort of closet, is not just claiming credit for Grenell’s departure. He is now extending that credit to the Romney campaign itself:

Richard Grenell, the homosexual marriage crusader Mitt Romney hired to be his foreign policy spokesman, is gone because Romney wanted him gone. Romney’s camp said not a single solitary word in his defense when the issue of his gay activism was raised.

They slapped duct tape on his mouth to keep him from saying a word, even on a conference call he himself organized (some “spokesman,” eh?), then remained studiously silent until he got the message and fell on his sword.

Whatever anyone may think of Fischer, his recounting is events does seem to match up with what many others within the Republican party are saying privately. Romney’s mistake is that he thinks that he can wait out the likes of Bryan Fischer, which anyone with a passing familiarity with anti-gay activists knows is astoundingly naive. And as if that point needed any proof, Fischer is again furious over Romney’s milquetoast attempt at defending Grenell on Fox News earlier this morning, which Fischer calls a “tripple Etch-A-Sketch moment”:

1. Throw conservatives under the bus by hiring Grenell as a shout-out to the homosexual lobby.

2. Throw Grenell under the bus when supporters of natural marriage complain.

3. Then throw conservatives under the bus again to give another shout-out to the homosexual lobby.

You can get whiplash trying to stay up with this guy.

Fischer is calling Romney to heel again, this time demanding that Romney publicly answers whether he agrees with the Mormon church’s position that homosexuality is sinful. Clearly Fischer is not going to allow one inch of wiggle room for Romney’s half-hearted stab at pivoting to the middle. And if this episode is any indication, Romney’s not going to struggle very hard. Romney’s whole campaign has been an exercise in ceding power to the most radical voices of his party. Fischer brags that he can effectively call the shots on who the Romney campaign can hire, and so far his boast appears to be correct. And Fischer’s still not satisfied.

And by the way, Romney is scheduled to speek at Liberty University a week from tomorrow. Which means that he has at least another whole week of cowering to the radical right.



Gene in L.A.
May 4th, 2012 | LINK

The more people Romney alienates, the better for all of us.

May 4th, 2012 | LINK

A columnist in the Chicago Trib today said that Mitt once again missed his Sister Souljah moment. Bill Clinton won over moderates by showing he wasn’t unwilling to “take on” a constituency loyal to the Dems. Mitt will have to do it at some point–and he won’t–to win over independents. I would love one of the debate questions to focus on this horrible mismanagement and decision making.

Lynn David
May 5th, 2012 | LINK

Fischer is the republican’s worst nightmare.

May 5th, 2012 | LINK

And remember, Romney is what passes as a “moderate” candidate in today’s Brave New GOP. Even though Romney signed NOM’s anti-gay pledge and promised to push for an anti-gay constitutional amendment, I have to say, I originally thought nothing would come of it, enemy if Romney won, but now I’m not so sure. I still don’t think such an amendment will ever pass, but it will quite possibly be debated and voted on, which is insulting enough.

May 5th, 2012 | LINK

Romney would be better advised to bring Dick Cheney in as an adviser on gay and foreign affairs. The AFA is a fringe group whose followers only have one person to vote for and that person is anyone but Obama, even though Obama is on record as being against gay marriage.

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