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I don’t know why this is so funny to me.

Rob Tisinai

June 19th, 2012

Maybe I have the emotional maturity of 13-year-old, but I keep snickering at this question from the Regneres study.

Q115 Have you ever had anal intercourse? (By anal intercourse, we mean when a man inserts his penis into his partner’s anus or butt hole.)

Maybe it’s the utter earnestness of the question and (especially) the clarification; or the look I imagine on someone’s face on hearing the question and (especially) the clarification; or the splitting of “butthole” into two words — what kind of hole? a butt kind of hole; or it’s the nonsensical “or” — his partner’s anus or butt hole (but not both?).

Or maybe it’s just funny.

An interesting note, though. Of the survey’s 2988 respondents, 2361 called themselves 100% heterosexual (that’s 79%), and 2729 were “mostly heterosexual” (or 91%).

Yet an ass-smacking 1145 said they’d had anal sex — almost 40%!

Keep that figure in mind next time you hear someone talking about the disgusting practices of the male homosexual. It ain’t a gay thing. It’s a human thing.

And now I offer my apologies and return you to usual gravitas and decorum of Box Turtle Bulletin.



June 19th, 2012 | LINK

Of course they’re going to say “anus” and “penis” and “butt hole”. It ramps up the ick factor with the awkward phrasing.

Substitute for the more natural “dick” and “ass”, and answers are bound to be different.

I swear, that study makes it seem like those who wrote the questions are stuck in TV Land.

June 19th, 2012 | LINK

40%? I guess you gays have been right all along. I wonder if it asked if you have ever been on the receiving end?

What really makes me mad is that they only asked about if when you were raised if your parent had a gay sexual affair. They never asked about straight affairs.

Ben in Oakland
June 20th, 2012 | LINK

40% is, I believe, the CDC figure for hetero

So apparently, regerus’s data wasn’t pull out of his ass, just his conclusions.

June 20th, 2012 | LINK

So, a straight dude who takes it from his girlfriend with a strap-on isn’t having anal intercourse? Huh.

June 20th, 2012 | LINK

I think I am going to post this on all the Regnerus topics on Box Turtle. Let’s say we all work together and make a terrific website where we collect all this information on the Regnerus’ Study.

We crowd source this and everybody helps. I think what is missing is a lot of comments on the research by other Sociologists. We can all take a State and then call all the Universities in that State and speak to Sociologists there and ask them to provide their feedback on the research.

Other people can work on collecting up all the direct quotes from Regnerus.

Oh and shouldn’t we collect up all the places the data is being misreported? I saw for example a quote something like, “Well this study proves that pedophilia is rampant with gays”

And what about a website? Should we buy a domain name or should we use Blogger or Word press or something? If we hosted this separately how much would that cost us in bandwidth if a lot of people visited? Does anybody have idea on this?

Let’s set this up and organize this so it will be real easy for lawyers from our side to have a good reference point to jump off from.

What else? Do you like this idea? Who will help? I don’t mind if this is a part of Box Turtle and they are getting recognition for this. But I do think to do this right it is to big for the few guys at Box Turtle we need a lot more helping hands than just those guys. Whadda think?

June 20th, 2012 | LINK

I’m down SGM. I like the idea. Let me know how I can help; I’m already located near all three major research universities in my state.

Regarding technicalities I vote we start on blogger & grow it as demand dictates. That way we can use Google docs/cloud to coordinate too. But I’m an internet dunce. Perhaps there is already a better way to handle this on the net.

June 20th, 2012 | LINK

The incidents of sodomy (anal and oral sex) is up with Teavangelical kids, they get to remain ‘technically’ virgins. The stories my niece and nephew tell…

gregory brown
June 20th, 2012 | LINK

The stats may be up, Gus, but it’s not a new thing. Thirty years ago I met a couple of Pentecostal lads in a bath house. They romped about enjoying oral sex with joyous regularity that seemed extravagant even to me. We talked a bit and they explained that the Bible prohibits anal intercourse but is silent on oral sex.

I wanted to ask if they ever experienced glossolalia while sucking but thought that would be impolite.

June 22nd, 2012 | LINK

A lot of it has to do with imagining Regnerus’ face as he says the line. As the video shows, he’s not comfortable saying LESBIAN, much less anus, or Butt Hole.

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