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Another thing about “good people”

Timothy Kincaid

July 17th, 2012

The Boy Scouts of America:

Scouting believes that good people can personally disagree on this topic and still work together to achieve the life-changing benefits to youth through Scouting.

The Boy Scouts of America specifically state that gay people may NOT “still work together to achieve the life-changing benefits to youth through Scouting”. Guess who the BSA does NOT consider to be “good people”.



Lightning Baltimore
July 17th, 2012 | LINK

So my Eagle award was given to a bad person? Should I return it?

July 17th, 2012 | LINK

Lightning Baltimore, if you have to return your Eagle Award then I’m going to return mine as well. And as much as earning it meant to me I don’t want it if keeping it means conforming to the BSA’s definition of “good”.

Timothy (TRiG)
July 17th, 2012 | LINK

So, they discriminate against gay people. I’m guessing they discriminate against trans people. And they also discriminate against atheists. Is that it, or are there any others?


Ben In Oakland
July 17th, 2012 | LINK

Lightning and christopher– what I would like to see is a public effort to give back eagle scout badges. Getting a few thousand of them publicly returned to them might hep them see the error of their ways.

get going.

I’d give mine back, except that i don’t have one.

July 17th, 2012 | LINK

This policy will never change as long as the Boy Scouts two main sponsors/supporters is the Mormon and Catholic churches. These churches have threatened to pull their support and sponsorship if the policy is changed. That would mean the collapse of the organization and the board is never going to go there. It’s sad that so many good people continue to support and promote this discriminatory organization.

July 18th, 2012 | LINK

Ben, if I could find mine I’d send it back. As it is I have made a bit of a statement: I cancelled my membership some years ago, and when I’ve gotten requests from the BSA for money I’ve sent them a nice reply informing them that if I’m not good enough to be a member then they don’t need my money.

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