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  1. Regan DuCasse
    July 28, 2012

    Sikh boys (and men) also cannot cut their hair. Before they reach their religion’s age of majority, which is 16, they tie their hair up on the top of their heads, and wear a square kerchief tied over the knot. Giving them the look of having a bun underneath.
    With the short hairs curling around their faces, a person who doesn’t know how to recognize this religious code of dress, might also mistake these boys for girls.
    Only until they are men can they change this into the white skull cap, covered by a tight turban.
    Only other males, their wives and females in the family can see their bare heads.
    I learned about this when I was all of six years old, and met a Sikh kid in art class. I didn’t mistake him for a girl then, but I sure thought he was cute.

    When I was little, the parental units would tell us that living in Los Angeles had the greatest advantage of visiting other countries without ever leaving Los Angeles.

    What is it about people, that with ALL this opportunity to know better, they will still maintain some willful ignorance that should embarrass the shit out of them later.

    Indeed, the parents wanted us kids to learn everything, about all kinds of people, precisely so we wouldn’t embarrass them!

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