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O Holy Night, the Gays are Ruining Christmas

Timothy Kincaid

December 14th, 2012

On Christmas Eve every year a friend and I go to the same steakhouse for dinner, an old studio hangout with huge steaks and perfect cosmopolitans. A Christmas tree holds place of honor, the pictures on the walls are wrapped like presents, and tables are packed with three or four generations celebrating the holiday.

Sometimes it’s just us and one or two others, sometimes it’s a dozen or more. But one Christmas our crowd was large and one invitee was a rather loud and obnoxious person who we later realized was best not included.

Things like slashed tires and sugar in the gas tank tended to happen to those with whom he disagreed or who he thought had slighted him. But this Christmas Eve we were blissfully unaware. Until he started making comments that were inappropriate in public.

Anywhere. But especially in a family restaurant where there were kids.

Also there, was an equally loud and colorful friend who wasn’t having it. He decided to inform our boisterous friend that he was being inappropriate and should watch what he was saying. They bickered back and forth until the obnoxious one got in the other one’s face, shoved him in the chest, and screamed, “YOU RUIN EVERYTHING!!” before storming out of the restaurant.

It was this event that came to my mind when I read about the Pope’s message of hope and peace this Christmas. In a ceremony for lighting the Vatican Christmas tree as part of the annual celebration of the birth of Christ, His Holiness’ thoughts turned to gays. Of course. (FoxNews)

In comments to a delegation from Italy’s south-central Molise region, which donated the Vatican’s main Christmas tree this year, Benedict said the tree lights that were being turned on at a ceremony early Friday evening represented “divine light.”

“And when in the past they tried to stamp out the light of God to instead turn on illusory and misleading glows, there were seasons of tragic violence against man,” he said.

The Vatican on Friday released the pope’s peace message, in which he called for policymakers to think of themselves as peacemakers in economic and social policy. He warned that abortion and gay marriage were threats to peace.

Laws granting legal status for gay unions, he said, “actually harm and help destabilize marriage” by obscuring its specific nature as a union between man and woman that forms the basis of society.

Now I’m not suggesting that the Pope would put sugar in your gas tank. But he would deny you love in your life. He would take away your rights to civil equality.

And at this time when mankind is reminded of the goals of peace on earth and goodwill to all men, the Pope cannot help but think of you. Because, to the Pope, “YOU RUIN EVERYTHING!!”

(and, if you’re wondering, this year we will be just six – none of whom are loud)



December 14th, 2012 | LINK

We do understand the tree is a Norse tradition honoring Odin?

December 14th, 2012 | LINK

LOL, The Pope might not, but I’m sure he could convince an Arch-Bishop ot two!!

Ben in Oakland
December 14th, 2012 | LINK

And what was causing all of those threats to justice and peace before marriage equality? Oh yeah, a whole bunch of other stuff, like greed, war, poverty, disease, fascism, communism, and quite a few other things. Those other things included a church with its own army and the imprimatur of god to do whatever they wanted to do, to whomever they felt like doing it to. Witches, heretics, cathars, Jews, Muslims, and a whole bunch of other people.

It’s an interesting worldview, in a perverted sort of a way, when people getting married and treating others well is what constitutes a threat to justice and peace.

It seems to me it’s a clear case of the pope calling the kettle black. So here is my christmas message, never before announced to the world.

The pope is one evil, sick, nasty old man.

Kathryn Howie
December 15th, 2012 | LINK

What is this old fool babling about, and why is he celebrating two pagan festivals the return of the SUN (the light)and the Norse winter festival which as stated above has some connection to ODIN – this is beyond parody _both of which pre-date his vile “religion” of virgin worship.

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