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The (Lack of a) Daily Agenda for Monday, February 25

Jim Burroway

February 25th, 2013


I got nothing.

I’m looking at the calendar, going through back issues of ONE, Mattachine Review and The Ladder, combing through my library, trying to find something I can write about for today. Something that happened on this day in history, someone who was born today, or just something that happened in the month of February that I haven’t already written about. It’s the shortest month of the year, but I’m coming up empty.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been in this situation. But it does happen from time to time. And don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying nothing happened on February 25 before, or that nobody worth mentioning has a birthday on this date. For all I know, this might be your birthday. But I don’t know about it. And if I don’t know about it, I can’t write about it.

So instead, maybe I can use this down time to try to figure out what on earth this whole “Harlem Shake” thing is all about.

I see that Rob Tisinai’s been putting his spare time to good use as well.

If you know of something that belongs on the agenda, please send it here. Don’t forget to include the basics: who, what, when, where, and URL (if available).

And feel free to consider this your open thread for the day. What’s happening in your world?



Ben in Oakland
February 25th, 2013 | LINK

Richard hurrell Fronde, follower of Cardinal Newman and writer of homoerotic poetry about young men. Newman apparently wrote it too, but I can’t find any of it. Seems appropriate forthe date of resignation for a certain British archbishop.

Ben in Oakland
February 25th, 2013 | LINK

Sorry. FROUDE.

Ben in Oakland
February 25th, 2013 | LINK


I haven’t finished my first cuppa joe.

February 25th, 2013 | LINK

Well, I’ve got a day off, going to do some laundry, wash the car, and buy some garden supplies at my favorite big box home improvement store. I hope the cute cashier is there today. How’s that for a daily agenda?

February 25th, 2013 | LINK

2013 National PFLAG Awardees include Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbadejo, plus John Irving.

February 25th, 2013 | LINK

HuffPo Headline: “Ottawa Comic Shop Pulls Books Of Anti-Gay Writer”

I hadn’t seen his actual statements until reading this article:

“He also wrote piece for the Mormon Times in 2009, in which he argued: “Marriage has only one definition, and any government that attempts to change it is my mortal enemy. I will act to destroy that government and bring it down.”

In another column in 2012, he called homosexuality a “reproductive dysfunction” born of choice.”

February 25th, 2013 | LINK

It’s ten days after my birthday.

Rod Roddy lookalke
February 25th, 2013 | LINK

Well, now that that Cardinal in the UK has resigned, we’ll have something for next year’s Feb 25 entry, as well as something to conjecture about for a while. Sad, yes, but the tongues are already wagging, and the punfits are furiously keyboarding for tonight/tomorrow’s news stories!!! Can anyone say “cannon fodder,” boys and girls?

February 25th, 2013 | LINK

I checked the checkbook register. It was a year ago we found out we had roaches and had to call an exterminator. It’s not much, but it’s something, Jim.

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