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  1. G.I. Joe
    March 16, 2013

    You missed some important info here: It’s MY birthday.

  2. Stephen
    March 16, 2013

    I thought that 50-55 was supposed to be America’s Golden Age. What we should try to emulate now in our present fallen state. I guess the evangelicals will never be satisfied.

    Moral outrage, like self pity, just feels so good.

  3. Steve
    March 16, 2013

    It has *always* been “the sky will fall tomorrow” and “this generation is the worst ever”

  4. Soren456
    March 16, 2013

    “. . . homosexuals were dismissed [from the State Department] not for their sin but for security reasons . . . ”

    These people so fully assumed the establishment of their religion that they could (and still can) express surprise and indignation that sin was not a reason to fire a government employee.

    It makes the disintegration of that establishment, which we know does exist, all the more fun to watch.

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