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You’re Already Equal

Rob Tisinai

April 9th, 2013

This is the last video introducing the National Marriage Organization.

Now that you’re convinced, come and visit our web site.



April 9th, 2013 | LINK

Rob, while I know this is satire (and very clever satire), marriage, under civil law, in the eyes of the government, is not a sacred union. It is a civil contract. Religious bodies declare things sacred and their declaration has no force of law. Governments can declare something legal, but not sacred, at least the United States government cannot.

This distinction is not made very often or very well by those of us who advocate for marriage equality. Marriage in the eyes of the government is not a religious matter. And while some religious bodies insist it is not a government matter, they are mistaken.

Bill T.
April 9th, 2013 | LINK

Anne Romney has a message for NOM and all its NOMnuts:

This is hard. Stop it. Just stop it.

Rob Tisinai
April 9th, 2013 | LINK

revchicoucc, the position of the National Marriage Organization is that marriage is inherently religious, was ordained by God when He created the earth 6000 years ago, and governments cannot define it, merely recognize it as it was intended.

F Young
April 9th, 2013 | LINK

Rob, I love these satiric ads. Very well done!

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