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  1. Lindoro Almaviva
    April 10, 2013

    While struggling to meet a Christmas 1934 deadline for her committee to complete its work designing the system, Rumsey died on December 19 from complications from a fall from a horse. Amid intense pressure, Rumsey had to mourn alone. On the very week Rumsey died, Perkins called the committee members to her home — a home she would soon lose because only Rumsey could afford the rent — sat a bottle of Scotch on the table, and announced that no one would leave that night until the work was done.

    Something is not making sense in this paragraph. She died, then she didn’t because she had to mourn herself and finish social security,which she did while still dead and mourning,but thanks to the bottle of scotch, she did it. LOL

    My guess is that some names need to changed.

    • Jim Burroway
      April 10, 2013

      I’ve corrected and expanded that paragraph a bit.

  2. Soren456
    April 10, 2013

    My great grandfather was the first head of the Social Security Board. I understand that Perkins had a somewhat austere personality, but I have seen delightful letters that were exchanged between her and my relative. And a wonderfully consoling letter on the occasion of his death, sent to my grandfather.

    She was a great person.

  3. Jim Burroway
    April 10, 2013

    I get the sense that she was personally very reserved as well. Fascinating that your great-grandfather had a first-hand connection with her. Thanks for sharing.

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