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Nevada begins marriage ban repeal process (updated)

Timothy Kincaid

April 11th, 2013

Nevada joins Oregon in beginning the process of repealing their constitutional amendment restricting marriage to heterosexuals. (Sun)

[Senate Judiciary] Committee Chairman Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, says there are enough votes for Senate Joint Resolution 13 to clear both the committee and the full Senate. Some Republicans are supporting the measure, he said.

The resolution being considered would repeal [the anti-gay marriage] ban. It would have to be approved by this Legislature and again in 2015 and then be put on the 2016 ballot.

Governor Brian Sandoval (R) has stated that he supports the state’s everything-but-the-name domestic partnerships law but believes marriage should be between one man and one woman. However, based on his history of support, I expect that he will evolve on this issue in the near future, likely before the referendum. His support is not needed to put the repeal on the ballot, but would be useful in the campaign.



SJR13 was approved Thursday on a 3-2 party line vote by the Senate Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections. It now goes to the Senate floor.

The original language sought only to repeal language in the state Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

But a late amendment adopted by the committee adds that the state “shall recognize marriages and issue marriage licenses, regardless of gender.”

I hope that Equality Nevada knows what it’s doing. While I’d much prefer to eliminate the step of having to come back to the legislature for a confirmation of marriage after the ban is repealed, I hope we don’t lose support by this revision.

I hope they have done a good vote count, as in committee they did lose one affirmative vote, along with the very important ‘bipartisan’ label.

Republican Sen. James Settelmeyer of Minden says he would have voted for the original bill, but he withdrew his support because he doesn’t believe marriage should be in the Constitution.



Lindoro Almaviva
April 11th, 2013 | LINK

Republican Sen. James Settelmeyer of Minden says he would have voted for the original bill, but he withdrew his support because he doesn’t believe marriage should be in the Constitution.

Maybe someone needs to provide for him the information as to who put marriage in the constitution to start with. I am going to take a wild guess, shoot in the dark, blindfolded and say that not very many Democrats were on board for that. I’d be happy to stand corrected.

April 11th, 2013 | LINK

I’d say we should go all out. 2016 is a safe bet for voters approving marriage equality in Nevada. Plus, if Republicans kill this effort, it’ll expose them as hypocrites (“let the people vote” and now “don’t let the people vote”).

April 11th, 2013 | LINK


I was thinking the same thing, they are for States Rights until the State might do something they disapprove of. It woulod be humorous if not such a serious issue.

April 16th, 2013 | LINK

Decreeing that only men and women could marry each other, in other words, supposedly str8s only can marry was a political move to prevent marriage equality and a religious move in that it was to keep the “abominable” Gays invisible and in the closet. Never mind that Nevada was already an abomination in that it allows evil, devilish gambling followed by (str8 clients only) whorehouses.

There are two main reasons for the State of Nevada to change it’s decree of prejudice and discrimination:
1) Now that the landscape regarding American thinking and feeling towards Gays has turned positive, Nevada politicians know that marriage equality is the future. 2) Tied to #1 and more important is the fact that research shows that marriage equality states have increased dollars pumped into their economies. Gays like to spend money and have a great time. So, they throw untold dollars into their marriages celebrations. Nevada politicians want their state to get more than its fair share of the money that Gay marriages generate.

Ever since Village Idiot Bush destroyed the world economy, Nevada has taken it especially hard because folks have drastically cut back on tourism trips to the state.

Nevada’s revenue comes mainly from two sources: 1) the mining industry and 2) tourism. Nevada doesn’t want to be “Left Behind.” Nevada wants to re-gain its lion’s share of tourist dollars. Gay marriages are certain to increase tourism in the state and the revenue that such additional tourism will bring.

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