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    June 17, 2013

    Today marks exactly five years since my first day at my place of employment. Everyone who was working there when I first started out is now gone and actually have been for a couple of years now. I must say, as long as I’m sharing on this open thread (thank you very kindly Mr. Burroway), that this is not what I wanted to be doing for the past five years of my life BUT I can’t argue with what it means to have been able to get AND keep a job for five years straight, which I am grateful for both in terms of paying the bills and adding some heft to my resume. Someday I hope to do something for the LGBT community that is as positively influential as this terrific blog, but for now I’ll just focus on working hard, maintaining a clear perspective, and living my truth as a gay man of color with no hesitation whatsoever.

    Again thank you for the open thread invitation Mr. Burroway. May you and the rest of the BTB writers have continued success and stay strong in your wonderful commitment to “news, analysis and fact-checking of anti-gay rhetoric.” :)

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