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If you liked Thrift Shop…

Timothy Kincaid

July 1st, 2013

I, like just about everyone else, was mesmerized by Thrift Shop, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ whimsical paon to used clothes shopping. But I expected that, like so many novelty songs, the artists would be one-hit wonders.

But then radio stations revisited the Seattle-based hip-hop duo’s 2012 album and suddenly (like the ceiling) Can’t Hold Us was everywhere. The bouncy club sound featured Macklemore’s rapid fire rap matched with a smooth lyrical chorus and it blended well with the quasi-urban sound that dominates airwaves and dance floors.

But perhaps more surprising is their third hit from The Heist. Written to support Washington’s Referendum 74, it’s now catching the attention of the rest of the nation, with the LA Times saying that it “seems to have captured the nation’s mood”.

Here’s Same Love



July 1st, 2013 | LINK

You’re just now picking up on this? Turn in your gay dance card immediately.

Not only does “Can’t hold us” read like a victory march at gay pride (replete with marching band horn section – no, really, he works with marching bands for instrumental backgrounds)… but his song about Prop 74 is jaw-dropping it its matter of fact street cred and, well, common-sense. This is a serious ally and he’s not having any of the other crap.

I love this guy. Not only does he, in fact, rock a fur coat, he has fans who’ll let him drop backwards out of a 2nd story window to crowd surf with them. I was seriously hoping they’d last minute eject losers like Peaches and Herb (Peaches and Herb? Seriously? Who f-ing organized gay pride in SF this year???) and replace them with Macklemore… but we’ll have to settle for youtube for now…


July 2nd, 2013 | LINK

As Andrew noted, this is not new. Update your iTunes ASAP.

To those of us who live in Seattle we love these guys. There were no better supporters in seeing R74 Approved. It was.

How can you say thank you enough.

July 2nd, 2013 | LINK

I was stunned to see that this song had risen as high as #28 on Billboard’s Hot 100 last week, and that was before SCOTUS’ decision came down. I imagine it will be even higher this week – if it cracked the top ten, that would be beautiful.

July 2nd, 2013 | LINK

Saw this a while ago, but revisiting is just as powerful as the first time. I allow myself to imagine a life where I met my partner 20 years earlier – a church that was supportive – a family that knew what to say. Then I come back to today and shout for joy as we fight this fight. I am here for life now and for those women and men who will live in the future we are laying down!

July 2nd, 2013 | LINK

Miraculously “Same Love” was the first song of theirs to be played in Amarillo. It still gets some play!

July 4th, 2013 | LINK

Updates: It’s reached #16 on Billboard’s Hot 100, and they’re expecting it to continue rising:

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