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The Daily Agenda for Thursday, July 18

Jim Burroway

July 18th, 2013

Pride Celebrations This Weekend: Charlotte, NC (Black Pride); Colorado Springs, CO; Frankfurt, Germany; Hull, UK; Kitsap, WA; Leipzig, Germany; Marseille, France (EuroPride 2013); Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK; Peel, ON; Plymouth, UK; Portland, OR (Latino Pride); Reading, PA; Rochester, MN; Rochester, NY.

AIDS Walk This Weekend: San Francisco, CA.

Other Events This Weekend: Sand Blast Weekend, Asbury Park, NJ; Outfest Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA; Miami Beach Bruthaz, Miami Beach, FL; QFest Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA; Bear Week, Provincetown, MA.

Psychiatrist Denounces Anti-Gay Witchhunt: 1950. A Senate subcommittee under Joseph McCarthy investigating the federal employment of gay Americans was warned that their investigation would have negative consequences on government functioning. “The immediate effect of the probe is to threaten the emotional security and mental health of many government employees, warned Dr. Henry P. Laughlin of the Washington Psychiatric Society. “This is indeed unfortunate, tending to lower the efficiency and work production of those who have some actual or imagined basis for concern, and especially for those people whose homosexual experiences have been isolated or of a token nature or perhaps never occurred.”

Laughlin however emphasized that he was only speaking for himself and not the Society, before continuing on a line rarely heard in 1950: “Sexual orientation doesn’t enter into a person’s ability or capacity to do work. I am sure that many persons in government, as well as in industry and other areas of endeavor, have made significant contributions, although their orientation happens to be homosexual.” Laughlin’s testimony would fall on deaf years. Tens of thousands of people would be hounded out of their jobs over the next several decades, whether they were gay, suspected of being gay, or simply accused of being gay for whatever reasons.

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And feel free to consider this your open thread for the day. What’s happening in your world?



July 18th, 2013 | LINK

I don’t want to come across as someone who knows it all. I do need to say something relevant, however. When someone says that “homosexuals are born that way”, I agree…they are born, just like the rest of us on the planet, with a sin nature. That’s why, they, and we, need to be “born again”. When someone says, “homosexuality is ‘not natural'”…I disagree. It is very natural to do what the flesh desires. It is SUPERNATURAL not to satisfy the flesh, in whatever way people want. When someone says, as is all over your articles, that some people are spouting off “things that only they understand”, then I can agree with that statement, because Scripture states that “the natural man, (read fallen mankind) does not understand the things of YHVH, neither indeed can he, because those things are spiritually discerned”. We are worse than sin sick, we are “DEAD in our sins and trespasses”, St Paul states. The True Gospel is “for God, YHVH, so LOVED the world…” not for God so hated sin. He does hate sin, but that was NOT His inspiration to send His Son to die in our place…to set us free FROM the world, the flesh,the devil, and false “religion”, and free TO worship and serve the Creator of the Universe in spirit and in truth. Messiah Yeshua said He came to set us free, not to do our own thing, or what is right in our own eyes, He set us free from the PENALTY of sin, free from the POWER of sin, as we surrender to His Word and His Will, and He will set us free from the very presence of sin, when we say “Yeshua take my hand”, either when He returns and takes us to be with Himself, or when we pass on from this world. Of course homosexuals, etc., can contribute to fallen society, and it’s all fallen, we live in a fallen world. Anyone can “make it” in this world system without Messiah, but they can’t make it into the world to come without Him. God, YHVH, doesn’t promise to honor what I say, but He does promise that His Word will not return unto Him void. I’m talking about relationship here, NOT religion.

For whatever this is worth to anyone.

Blessing and Peace and Love,


Timothy Kincaid
July 18th, 2013 | LINK

Odd, Jennifer, because it sounds an awful lot like religion to me.

(and you may want to re-read scripture. Because the actual words say that he set us free not from sin, nor the power of sin, but from the Law. So you’ll just have to excuse me for not much caring about what the Law tells you about me)

Priya Lynn
July 18th, 2013 | LINK

Jennifer for me its not worth the stuff I blew into a kleenex this morning. Its all utterly nonsensical and absurd.

Richard Rush
July 18th, 2013 | LINK

Jennifer, if you try one more time with the “born again” thing, you might get it right by accepting REASON as your personal savior instead of superstition as your personal bondage.

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