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Dear Prop 8 Proponents, it’s over

Timothy Kincaid

August 14th, 2013

The California State Supreme Court has spoken and Proposition 8 has gasped its last. The ridiculous claims about the ruling only impacting two couples, or two counties, or only those county clerks who don’t have their head up their butt, have all finally been given the respect they deserve: (LA Times)

The California Supreme Court refused Wednesday to revive Proposition 8, ending the last remaining legal challenge to same-sex marriage in the state.

Meeting in closed session, the state high court rejected arguments by ProtectMarriage, Proposition 8’s sponsors, that only an appellate court could overturn a statewide law.



August 14th, 2013 | LINK

The CASC decision was unanimous.

August 14th, 2013 | LINK

I love Love LOVE the fact prop 8 was dismantled derailed demolished and drop kicked to the eternal dust bin of antiquity, single handedly, BY ONE GAY MALE IN A LONG BLACK ROBE. The whiplash to the opponents debilitating, the irony overwhelming.
NOM ET.AL are certainly donning a metaphorical neck brace after that near fatal accident.

Could their be a more embarrassing faux pas than a simple pink Prius nudging a 14 wheel NOMobile-semi clean off a California cliff? Doubt it. A first and a last most likely.

Oh the Hollywood drama of California. Judge Vaughn is certainly Oscar worthy.

Keep the movies com’in boyz, that one was a real doozie.

Sir Andrew
August 15th, 2013 | LINK

This isn’t over, of course. You know the media monkeys at NOM and the Prop 8 kids are gathered together even now trying to come up with yet another specious legal argument as they continue to roll the dice in the hope that something will stick (I think that’s a mixed metaphor, but it seemed apt). The attorneys helping them with these challenges need to be punished for filing frivolous lawsuits. And for tying up the courts with their idiocy. And for being air breathers. These are the sorts of attorneys that make lawyer jokes seem more like documentary commentary than actual humor.

August 15th, 2013 | LINK

Are comments here being deleted as well?

August 15th, 2013 | LINK

I hear they’re planning on appealing to the SCOV, (Supreme Court of the Vatican).

August 15th, 2013 | LINK

(sarcasm alert) “Dear supporters of traditional marriage, We continue to have major victories in courtroom after courtroom in our quest to prevent gay marriage from ever happening anywhere in the United States. Just this week, the California Supreme Court decided we could come back anytime with new arguments against this threat not only to traditional marriage, but to the very existence of our planet! A more serious threat than any the planet has faced ever in its entire history! We know you want to support us with your generous donation of $1000, $500, or $100. With these funds, we will continue to create out of nothing argument after argument to take to court after court after court. Do not listen to our opponents who are saying we are nothing but a bunch of losers! Would a bunch of losers figure out how to make this issue an ongoing cash machine even after we keep losing? Of course not! Only winners could come up with this kind of scheme. Give today, and, no matter what any court, legislature, or majority of voters may say, you will be a winner, too!” (sarcasm ends)

Priya Lynn
August 15th, 2013 | LINK

Idavid and James – very entertaining comments.

Timothy Kincaid
August 15th, 2013 | LINK


No, we are not limiting comments on this thread.

The only time comments are deleted are if they are in violation of our Comments Policy or if we say in advance that we are limiting comments (as I did recently on another thread). The latter situation rarely occurs, but we do from time to time choose to limit comments in some way.

Occasionally a commenter will be disruptive or establish a pattern of violation of our Comments Policy and will be placed on moderation for a while. Fortunately this is not very common and if we see that subsequent comments are within policy we usually lift the moderation.

We appreciate the sense of ownership in the blogsite that regular commenters have, and hope that continues. And I know that some feel that the Comments Policy or the administration of the blog is not the way they would run it. But it is – after all – a blogsite and the authors do get some privilege in those decision.

I hope that clears up any confusion about the matter.

August 16th, 2013 | LINK

I imagine the mindset of the proponents is probably something along the lines of this right about now:

August 16th, 2013 | LINK

Thank you, Priya Lynn. I certainly expect they will issue a fundraising appeal at some point based on the idea that if you don’t give now, we can’t keep up the fight. I just wanted to, um, help them out with the language.

August 17th, 2013 | LINK

Matt and James,
Very very funny.

Priya Lynn,
Glad you liked it. :)

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