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New Mexico GOP reps. file lawsuit opposing equality

Timothy Kincaid

September 4th, 2013

As Jim told you, it’s now a total of eight equality counties in New Mexico. And cuz I like visuals, here’s the map.

Last Friday, as promised, several GOP legislators joined Sen. Bill Sharer in suing the county clerk of Doña Ana County. Although he had claimed support from two dozen fellow Republican legislators, only 7 were part of the original filing. Yesterday another 8 joined.

On Tuesday, as opponents of gay marriage sought to stall momentum toward allowing gay marriage across the state, eight Republican lawmakers joined in a lawsuit filed on Friday by seven other Republican lawmakers against the Doña Ana clerk.

“It’s really a separation of powers issues,” said Rep. Paul Bandy, who Tuesday joined the case filed in district court. “I don’t think the county clerk has the power to make this decision.”

I find it fascinating how far the dialog has shifted on this issue in just a few short years. Missing (other than on Sen. Sharers site of delusional rants) are the appeals to morality and God. Even tradition seems to have dropped from public discussion, leaving Bandy to try and sell his opposition as separation of powers.

And, as of today, only 15 of the GOP’s 47 New Mexico lawmakers have attached their name. That isn’t to say that more – or maybe all – of them will do so, but it does suggest that Sharer is finding that fewer Republicans than he predicted have rushed to add their name to what is likely to be the wrong side of history.

Meanwhile, all of the state’s county clerks have appealed the decision by Judge Malatt to require Bernalillo County Clerk to offer marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and requested that it be heard by the Supreme Court. This does not reflect their political views; some support equality, some do not. But they are all joining the appeal so as to have a state-wide uniform ruling that (since they are all appellants) impacts all counties the same way. County clerks like that sort of thing.



Paul Douglas
September 5th, 2013 | LINK

I like visuals too Tim!

September 5th, 2013 | LINK

Me, too, but what is that squiggle in the northeast corner of Sandoval County? Bad enough that Los Alamos County is so small, but that line cuts off part of it. Time for that Photoshop eraser!

September 5th, 2013 | LINK

Another point about the pointless lawsuit by the Reeps — all it does is give the SCt a great option: rule in favor of their suit — County Clerks can’t make constitutional rulings — and then make that moot by ruling on the REAL issue on constitutional grounds, upholding the 6 DC judges that have ordered clerks to issue licenses. But then, we’ve never thought of our NM Reeps as a particularly intelligent lot….

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