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New Jersey Towns To Begin Issuing Marriage Licenses Tomorrow

Jim Burroway

October 17th, 2013

When New Jersey Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson ordered the state to begin granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples beginning October 21, she also ruled against a motion asking that she stay her ruling pending appeal. That led Gov. Chris Christie to ask the state Supreme Court to bypass the normal appeals process and take the case immediately. The high court agreed and will hear oral arguments on January 6 or 7, but it has yet to issue a stay on Jacobson’s ruling. That may happen sometime Friday. But unless that happens, Judge Jacobson’s order remains in effect and Garden Staters are now counting down the hours before they can marry on Monday.

Counting those hours is important because New Jersey requires a 72-hour waiting period after applying for a marriage license. So for those who want to marry on Monday, then Friday is the day to get the license. The marriage forms have been modified and are ready to go, but state’s department of health issued an order advising cities to hold off in accepting applications “until you hear from this office that we have the authority to do so.” But some cities have decided to go ahead and begin issuing licenses anyway:

Asbury Park administrator Terence Reidy said the city has fielded at least two dozen calls from couples asking whether it is issuing marriage license applications.

He said he’s told them yes.

“We’re doing it so that we’re ready,” Reidy said. “If something happens — the law changes — the city isn’t going to do anything in violation of any ruling or regulation. We’re being proactive so that when the 21st comes, any couple that wants to be married, they’re ready and we’re ready.”

Officials in Newark, Jersey City and Red Bank have said that they will also be issuing licenses on Friday.



October 18th, 2013 | LINK

Given the NJ Supreme Court’s previous ruling on the issue, I doubt that it will overturn that decision. It may have agreed to take the case just to clarify that civil unions are not an acceptable alternative. Given the history of civil unions in New Jersey, and the ample testimony that they are not equal to marriage, it’s a chance for the Court to confirm and refine its previous decision.

Brandt Hardin
October 18th, 2013 | LINK

We need an across-the-board decision by the Federal Government. Here in TN, they’ve gone as far as to create a new holiday- “Traditional Marriage Day” in which the wording of the bill quotes The Holy Bible. Why does the State feel it has the right to continually define marriage? Exactly what is “Traditional” Marriage in Tennessee seeing as even Interracial Marriage is STILL outlawed by the State Constitution along with Same Sex Marriage?

Timothy Kincaid
October 18th, 2013 | LINK

C’mon Brandt, you know the biblical traditions of marriage.

Abraham married his own half sister.
Israel married two sisters, his cousins.
Moses had four wives.
David had several but found Jonathan’s love to be greater.
Solomon had 300 wives and 700 concubines.
Daniel was a eunuch and didn’t marry (though he did find favor in the eyes of the chief eunuch)
Joshua married a prostitute
There’s no marriage listed for Samuel
Jeremiah was not permitted to marry
Jesus didn’t marry
Paul didn’t marry
Of the apostles, we know that Peter had a wife (a bit of irony for the Catholic Church), but we don’t know her name.

So get with the program. Celebrate traditional biblical marriage!

Richard Rush
October 18th, 2013 | LINK

I’m all for sibling marriage.

My late mother had two dear friends – sisters who have lived together for their entire lives – one now 62 and the other in her early 70s. As my mother was, they are super religious, and despite that, I adore them.

I see no reason why they shouldn’t be able to marry if it would allow them to provide for each other more than they can as sisters.

So, if NOM would promote some aspects of traditional biblical marriage, and give up the anti-gay crap, I might actually support them.

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