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Matt Barber’s Offensive

Rob Tisinai

February 10th, 2014

Uber anti-gay Matt Barber has gone on the offensive with his own website called BARBWIRE. Whether that moniker’s another sad attempt to bolster his tough masculine toughness, or just his drag name, I can’t say. But it is a hoot. Bryan Fischer (!) has a column on “defeating Darwinism in four easy steps” and it’s marvelous display of studied ignorance. Scott Lively (!) has an article proving that the anti-gay violence in Russia is probably perpetrated by other gays because, well, Nazis.

Think twice before you visit, though. I already wasted too much time today in the comments, feeding my outrage addiction. You know, one paranoid theory on the right is that the Democratic party pays its minions to post comments on right-wing fringe websites (where’s my money?) but I could almost entertain an opposing and corresponding theory that these sites are set up just to suck us into channeling our energy there instead of into more useful activism.

Hell, it’s almost more plausible than thinking these folk could be for real.



February 10th, 2014 | LINK

Is it wrong that I read this headline as “Matt Barber Is Offensive”?

David in the O.C.
February 10th, 2014 | LINK

Just posted this on his blog. I’m looking forward to getting banned: (snark)

Here are the incredibly strict qualifications to get legally married:
1. Must be of legal age. (In New Hampshire a 13 year old girl and 14 year old boy can marry with permission of their parent and a waiver.)
2. Must not be too closely related. (Almost two dozen states allow first cousins to marry.)
3. Must not be currently married.
4. Must be an opposite-sex couple, except in 17 states.

That’s it. Nothing about couples being obligated to have heterosexual sex (aka: sexual complementarity). Nothing about procreation or repopulating the species. Nothing about churches or having to be religious. To put this in simple terms, if a random man and woman were to meet for the first time at city hall, fill out a marriage license application and pay the fee, the state will give them a marriage license. Compare that reality to a gay couple that have been together for 30 or 40 years and denied a marriage license, and you can see whose argument is the most “comical”.

Right now in two-thirds of the states, 95% of the populous has the right to marry the person of their choice. The other 5% don’t have that right. Marriage equality removes that discrimination. It does not open the floodgates to people marrying their cocker spaniels, and it doesn’t mean that grandmas will be able to marry their nephews. It fixes one issue based solely on sexual orientation, nothing else.

February 11th, 2014 | LINK

Barb Wire: a 1996 movie starring Pamela Anderson, described on IMDB as a “Post-Apocalyptic remake of Casablanca set in a strip club.”

Is it possible this is no titular coincidence and that Mr Barber fancies himself as a breast augmented, leather-clad hero of liberty following the 2nd Civil War, opening up a new front, as it were, against the fascist dictatorial government’s germ warfare plot?

Priya Lynn
February 11th, 2014 | LINK

Neil, the first thing I thought of was that movie as well.

February 11th, 2014 | LINK

“I already wasted too much time today in the comments, feeding my outrage addiction.”

LOL, “outrage addiction.” That’s such a good way to phrase it. It’s both my most and least favorite way to waste time.

February 11th, 2014 | LINK


Don’t forget she dresses like a dominatrix but hates to be called babe.

February 12th, 2014 | LINK

He certainly is.

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