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  1. BobN
    February 17, 2014

    Could it really be the case that Putin’s embrace of anti-gay positions is more about geopolitics than anything? It’s a common argument, and certainly true, that leaders sometimes pick on a minority when it suits them to distract people from other issues. But it’s hard to see a reason for Putin to do it now. Things in Russia aren’t going swimmingly, but they’re hardly in more trouble than most of the world after the 2008 troubles.

    A bigger goal than providing cover for corruption and a stagnated economy would explain a lot. How better to pull the former Soviet block states back into the fold than by leveraging age-old prejudices, both those against the West (in a small percentage of the population) and against gay people (in a large percentage of the population)?

    How do you say “Karl Rove” in Russian?

  2. Nathaniel
    February 17, 2014

    BobN, I believe a top Georgian leader said that very thing.

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