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  1. Angel
    September 6, 2007

    Not true 100%. In the work place.
    I worked as a manager for a restaurant and I can tell you, that you will lose your job and you will be sued and you will pay hefty.
    In the media, you don’t even have freedom of speech. Don Imus, Jimmy the Greek and other new casters were fired for their comments.
    Jamie Foxx and Whoopie Goldberg, well it’s ok. They defended Mike Vick, by stating that, “Dog fighting is part of the young black culture where Vick comes from”
    Well a white person could argue that same point in favor of Vick and he would have lost his job or sued.
    Then they go after comics!
    That’s B/S.
    It went from Jewish Kramer to Black Eddie Griffin. What the F#%K?!

    You say this now, you have the right to free speech but, we don’t. There is a price to pay. And with logic and reason and good taste being replaced by knee jerk reaction and white guilt, we have plunged into waters that will only get deeper and spread to other words and then to stiffer laws and jail time.
    Believe it!
    I know the facts, I’ve done the research and I have the experience and I am of color. It is still OK to make fun of Mexicans, yet we make up almost half the U.S. population and we pay taxes.
    Yet, you don’t here us bitch. Why? Cuz we got better shit to do than nit pick words and material and comments.
    We have become an economic force to reckon with and we have infiltrated all ranks of business. We didn’t care. We just worked and worked hard and when blacks and whites were fighting and feeling guilty and demanding the moon.
    We Mexicans went unnoticed and now everyone has noticed and we don’t care,
    ‘cuz we out number blacks and whites.
    Call me a beaner or wet back, please.
    I won’t sue, I’ll beat your ass and you’ll think twice about using that word. That’s what the law should be.
    That’s why everyone wants to use the word “nigger”. Just like a young child wants to say fuck. You tell someone they can’t “do” and then they want to “do”. Remember the 7 words you can’t say on television?
    Yes I wrote it. Why write “N-word”? That to me is more offensive.
    We all know what the hell the N-word is.
    Iit doesn’t make it disappear. It’s just hidden in plane site. Believe that.
    When I say N-word, your mind thinks nigger. You’re just trying to pull the wool over your own eyes. Sorry, it’s right there, I know it, you know it, everyone knows it.
    I speak my mind and fear no one.
    My friends are black, white, yellow, brown and rainbow. Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, and Jewish.
    Rich, poor and middle class.
    Educated in school and educated in the streets. Republican, Democrat, Green, Independent, and the libertarian.
    They like me and they trust me and they know that I can back up anything I say.
    I have studied and debated with the best.
    Unfortunately everyones drinking the Kool-aid and it’s hard to debate with someone who as one eye, one ear and speaks out their ass.

  2. Jason
    September 6, 2007

    Angel, freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from any and all consequences. It just means whatever you say, the government cannot arrest you for it.

    Imus and Jimmy the Greek weren’t thrown in jail. That’s what the first amendment protects. It says that you can’t throw someone in jail for speaking their mind.

    The fact that you wrote the word “nigger” on a blog and haven’t been arrested proves that we have freedom of speech.

    People say what they want, and others are allowed to disagree. Imus was fired because he did something inappropriate, not illegal.

    In a nation of freedom, if you’re free to speak, others are free to disagree, and your employer is free to fire you based on your language.
    You have yet to prove we don’t have freedom of speech by showing a court case in which someone was thrown in jail specifically solely because they spoke their mind.

    Find that, and then you’ll have a valid point. The only thing that you’ve illustrated in your post is that freedom is not free of consequences, something that everybody knows.

  3. Gab.
    November 17, 2007

    Small update on Tor Billgren:s comment on Leif Liljeström, He was cleared from the charges by the supreme court at Nov. 7.

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