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Salt Lake City Mayor Proposes Domestic Partnership Directory

Jim Burroway

January 11th, 2008

This morning’s Salt Lake City Tribune reports that Ralph Becker, Salt Lake City, Utah’s new mayor, has announced that his very first action as mayor will be to propose a domestic partnership directory that would include same-sex couples:

Becker’s proposed ordinance, unveiled Thursday, bucks the politics in conservative Utah – a state that rewrote its constitution in 2004 to ban gay marriage.

…The registry, likely to win the support of the City Council in Utah’s left-leaning capital, would serve as a catalog of adult residents – gay or otherwise – who can voluntarily add their names as long as they provide proof that they cohabit and rely on one another as dependents.

I’ve driven through Utah, and I’ve found it to be perhaps the most beautiful and friendly states in the union. But I’ve never been to Salt Lake City, so please excuse me if I show my ignorance. Salt Lake City is left-leaning?

At any rate, congratulations to Mayor Becker for taking this step.



January 11th, 2008 | LINK

As with most deserts there are oases. Salt Lake City has a liberal oasis (of sorts) even in the shadows of the Mormon temple. I’m going to be careful in seducing people into thinking all of Utah is a haven for all GLBT. Salt Lake City proper is not populated exclusively with conservatives. The conservatives are in the more rural areas of Utah. Utah Valley (aka Happy Valley and home to BYU) and parts of Southern Utah are heavily influenced by the mores of the dominate religion.

Sometimes I kid about this State as being a perfect example of a functioning theocracy but there are gems of places to work, to play and to associate with other GLBT. I won’t say it’s always easy. It’s a challenge sometimes. But, I seem to manage. John Amaechi might tell you some stories.

It’s a good place to live if you love the outdoors.

Next time you’re in Salt Lake City, Mr. Burroway, I’d be glad to give you an insider’s tour and introduce you to some even nicer folk.

Jim Burroway
January 11th, 2008 | LINK

Like I said, I always wanted to visit SLC. I just may take you up on it!

Suricou Raven
January 13th, 2008 | LINK

A list of gay couples in the city on public record. I worry that some of the more militent social conservatives might make use of this for their own purposes – perhaps to send door-to-door preachers to harass gays, telling them they will go to hell if they dont undergo (expensive) therepy at the church.

July 18th, 2009 | LINK

who cares?
i mean really?
you mormons act like you rule the world!
you dont and you need to learn that!
its pretty sad, how your hated by so many people!
gay rights?
you guys are so dumb!
who cares?
i bet you guys just stay with your wife or husband to make the church happy?
and i bet some of your kids are gay?
or even lesbian?
do you hate them?
how can you hate your own child?
thats pretty messed up!

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