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Latest Posts Endorsed Ron Paul!?!

Jim Burroway

January 31st, 2008

I can’t believe it! Have they completely lost their minds?



January 31st, 2008 | LINK

I applaud their choice of Republican candidates based on the true policy of equality for all Americans

“His view on the rights of the individual and of the state have defined his entire career. ”

The only way equality will work is when the government defends the right of the individual not the group.

The herding of groups to pit them against each other is the very definition of racism as defined by the Democratic party (and in the last 15 or so years the Republican party).

It is time to dismantle the groups labels and the group thing and look upon one another as individuals with the same rights as the next individual as espoused by Ron Paul

In Libertarian’s the socialist is protects and accepted

In socialism the libertarian is considered a threat and must be removed.

There is no room for tolerance or equality in those individuals pushing for rights of minority groups

Only those individuals who look at everyone as individuals personify the true message of tolerance and equality

January 31st, 2008 | LINK

Surely gaywired thought they were endorsing RuPaul. Ron P. has a whole set of policies specifically designed to shove gays back into the closet if they won’t ‘convert’ to straight. How would the reversal of Lawrence v. Texas (which RP has sponsored legislation to bring bring about) promote individual liberty, tolerance and equality?

Ron P. is a religious fundamentalist and a committed homophobe. Fortunately he is also an internet/urban legend, soon to be a footnote in the political history books. (See, for instance, Pat Paulsen – or the previous RP from Texas, Ross Perot.)

February 4th, 2008 | LINK

When you read their reasons for endorsing him it becomes even more bizarre. They go on and on about his anti-gay positions and then tell us how refreshing it is. How very strange.

Of course a Paulbot has already discovered your statement and swooped in to defend Paul’s honor.

I’m just stunned that there haven’t been about 250 comments from his obsessed supporters.

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