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  1. Emily K
    March 4, 2008

    Can you please explain what this has to do with GLBT news?

  2. Timothy Kincaid
    March 5, 2008


    I posted this because it amuses me. Not everything on this site is “hard news”; sometimes we post history, or commentary, or even social observation.

    Further, though I did not overtly state it, I think that this story does say something about the evolution of social attitude. Six years ago, American Idol would have immediately taken steps to either quell rumors about a contestant or would have asked him to leave. Today it seem to matter not in the least.

    I don’t know if David Hernandez is gay. Some strippers or bar tenders in gay environments are heterosexual. Yet whether gay or straight, he is part of the gay community and will be presumed by his audience to be gay.

    I think this incident illustrates how rapidly the culture is de-emphasizing sexual orientation. Just a few years ago it was assumed that the country wouldn’t vote for an openly gay contestant and that coming out would ruin a budding musician’s career.

    But in this season there are some boys, OK quite a few boys, that are very clearly gay… and that are getting votes.

    Now if you don’t find this item interesting, don’t read it. But I’ll continue to post those things that I find to be of interest.

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