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Colorado Senate Passes Discrimination Law

Timothy Kincaid

April 18th, 2008

Today the Colorado Senate expanded anti-gay discrimination protections.

The measure (Senate Bill 200) takes the state’s current anti-discrimination laws and adds sexual orientation to the list of things, such as race or national origin, that can’t be considered. It would be illegal to deny gays and lesbians everything from apartment rentals and a seat in a restaurant to burial plots.

This is a preliminary vote and a second vote is required before it goes to the House.

Opponents argued that they saw no evidence of discrimination against gay people. Un-huh. Guess you ain’t been lookin’.



David Anthony
April 18th, 2008 | LINK

Burial plots? Good grief!

Talk about a government that doesn’t know how to mind its own business. Now it’s ordering people to provide unnecessary services to the dead!

Jason D
April 19th, 2008 | LINK

yeah, gays are supposed to just be left in the nearest recycling bin or out by the curb on tuesday.

David Anthony
April 19th, 2008 | LINK

No, silly, but burial isn’t a necessity in the first place.

Besides, if one cemetary doesn’t want to bury your corpse there are bound to be others that will gladly take it.

This is just a stupid law.

And talking about stupid, you need to get over your stupid ‘gays are perpetual victims’ attitude!

Jason D
April 20th, 2008 | LINK

you should probably start reading the Comments Policy if you want to be taken seriously on this website.

Timothy Kincaid
April 20th, 2008 | LINK

Whether or not burial is “a necessity” would depend on your religious faith. For those who require burial, it is definitely necessary.

Further, burial is not like a store – you can’t just open one up. Burial is strongly regulated and is, in most towns, nearly a monopoly. There are not “others that will gladly take it”.

If gay people are discriminated against in burial, they have few alternatives.

Whether one believes that government granted monopolies should be allowed to discriminate is, of course, your opinion. But clearly your knee-jerk reaction was not well thought out.

April 21st, 2008 | LINK

I’m just waiting for one of the City of Colorado Springs’s largest employers to start the shrieking hysterics. I speak of course of: Focus on the Fagg…err “Family”. Oh wait let me tell you exactly how they’ll spin it (lie for Jesus about it).

“If this bill becomes law good, decent, law-abiding America loving Christians will be FORCED to hire filty, disgusting, child-molesting, Godless liberal hippy homosexuals as babysitters!”


“You’ll walk into church some sunday morning and discover some unelected, unaccountable judge has installed a homosexual as the new pastor!!!”

And finally

“This bill is designed to silence the speech of Christians (to preach bullshyte and lies about gays).”

Elizabeth Z
October 4th, 2008 | LINK

I’m a college student and I have a lot of friends, homosexuals, bisexuals and heterosexuals. I don’t want to sound intolerant in anyway, but Christains believe Homosexuality is a sin. If you don’t believe in sin, why are you worried so much about what the Christians think.

All sins are equally bad in the eyes of God and homosexuality is no worse then sleeping with a heterosexual partner before marraige.

I’m a christian and I believe that sexual orrientation is no reason to discriminate against a person for any service especially burial, I mean, come on.

I have a brother who is openly homosexual, and while I know he is sinning, I still love and support him. He know’s that I disagree with his lifestyle but we get along.

Lets get something straight here. Tolerance doesn’t mean that I believe what your doing is right, it means that we agree to disagree and not kill or antagonize each other.

People are getting a far distorted view of tolerance and it needs to stop. It’s getting to the point in our society were christians can’t hold any sort of moral standards without being seen as judgemental and intolerant. It’s wrong that I can’t believe that the homosexual lifestyle is sinful, but at the same time you can judge my religious views as ignorant and intolerant.

Lets learn to agree to disagree.

Love ya

Emily K
October 4th, 2008 | LINK

Sorry Liz, but you’re not going to be able to get away on the “agree to disagree” line.

part of the problem is that the quiet conservatives like you who “have someone they love who happens to be gay and support their ‘chosen lifestyle'” have been overtaken in volume by the James Dobson’s of the world. I’m talking about people who take their religion from the pulpit to the courtroom to try and make it legal to consider us no better than criminals. So then more forgiving voices such as yours are presumed to be hateful ones calling for our imprisonment; declaring us every kind of scapegoat, even when you are not doing that.

Now, you can say “a sin is a sin is a sin” all you want, but the loudest of your people aren’t screaming on the sides of the road in protest of easy divorce laws, nor are they berating openly or fighting for legislation against those who disavow chastity pledges (and it’s a BIG group.) Members of your group are blaming us (oh, and the “overall sexual culture”) for America’s economic crisis, we’re blamed for hurricanes, we’re blamed for 9/11, we’re beaten senseless and literally crucified on fenceposts and then questioned as to whether WE were the ones who provoked a “gay panic” response to cause our own murder. And the loudest among you are saying, tacitly, that we deserve all of the hardship we endure.

And the quiet conservatives who simply see us as “equal sinners” get drowned out.

Now, I’m probably one of the most moderate gay people on this blog. I say you have the right to say i’m sinning just like you have the right to say i killed your god (I’m Jewish.) You have the right to say to a congregation on the pulpit these things as well.

But when you look at what we have to deal with that comes from the loudest of your people – saying AIDS is from God, saying that a partner who dies horrifically is God saying “stop being gay,” saying we are sodomites intent on creating a public sewer sex culture, calling us “broken…” But worst of all: Not speaking out when one of us is brutally murdered for being gay, such as Lawrence “Larry” King – it makes one grow weary of discussion. (saying “murder is wrong” doesn’t cut it. We want an acknowledgment that we are singled out, targeted, and killed.) We’re frankly tired of being murdered and tired of being ignored, tired of being called “broken,” tired of having people tell us how much they “love us” – and many of us are just tired of being singled out as “sinners.” And BELIEVE ME – we are singled out.

Honestly, I would for everyone to just leave us alone.

Priya Lynn
October 5th, 2008 | LINK

Elizabeth said “It’s wrong that I can’t believe that the homosexual lifestyle is sinful, but at the same time you can judge my religious views as ignorant and intolerant.”.

No, you’re wrong Elizabeth. Its wrong to condemn those who harm no one. That’s what you do and that’s why your religious views are seen as ignorant and intolerant.

Elizabeth said “Love ya”.

Uh, no you don’t. If you loved us you’d recognize that your mischaracterization of us as wrong-doers is harmful, inapropriate, and you’d stop doing it.

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