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Is Maggie Gallagher a Marriage Protector or Obsessively Anti-Gay?

Timothy Kincaid

May 2nd, 2008

gallagher.jpgMaggie Gallagher, President of the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy and Board Member of the Marriage Law Foundation, is always careful to present her arguments against marriage equality in terms of what is best for families and children. She does not rail against the evil sodomites or make bizarre claims about mortality statistics or invented diseases.

And because of her demeanor and her scholarly presentation, Maggie is regularly relied upon as a source for logical sounding soundbites and quotes in opposition to civil equality. She was even secretly paid to promote George Bush’s “marriage initiative”.

In fact, if one were not careful, one might think that Maggie’s objection to same-sex marriage is not based in an obsessive animus towards gay persons at all but rather in her devotion to children and family. One might think that this marriage champion was not seeking just to thwart gay couples, but was interested in all matters that could improve the family.

Thank God we’re careful.

Maggie has just distributed the Marriage Law Digest (edited by Bill Duncan of the Marriage Law Foundation) for April 2008.

Three of the eight cases discussed relate to issues about non-married same-sex couples:

  • A German case in which a pension institution refused to provide pension to the survivor in a same-sex couple.
  • An inmate in a state mental hospital who demanded that same-sex couples be grated the same conjugal visitation rights as opposite-sex couples.
  • A New Jersey couple sought dissolution of their domestic partnership on grounds of irreconcilable difference.

Four of the cases dealt with other sexual orientation issues.

Only one case discussed in the digest, a public nudity issue, was not specifically gay related. And not one single case was directly about marriage.

A quick review of other recent editions of the Marriage Review illustrate that this focus on ‘all things gay’ with only token attention to other marriage matters is a consistent pattern for the Marriage Law Foundation’s digest.

Maggie Gallagher may present herself as an advocate for the protection of marriage. But a closer look reveals her association with an institute only tangentially interested in marriage but instead obsessed with gay people and how to deny them equality.



May 2nd, 2008 | LINK

It seems to me that around us, from children to the old, we are surrounded by gays. These our friends, our loved ones, our children. We know many truly good people who just want to be loved, and free to love. How can we hate our friends, loved ones, our children? It is the truth of human existence that we fear what we don’t understand. They are gay. It is O.K. Why would they CHOOSE something they fear will make those THEY love, hate or abandon them? Just because some religious rambling says so? We must follow our hearts, our souls. Love our people. ALL our people. It is so very important we do so. Or we will never be one as a people. Stop your child fearing you. Let them be the only thing they feel they can. Show them how to love themselves and to love in life honorably, with caring, and instill in them the future. This world is so many, with many voices screaming to be heard, when all these people want is love. Let them love, give them that right.

May 2nd, 2008 | LINK

thanks for “outing” this womans hypocrisy and true “agenda”

May 2nd, 2008 | LINK

Wait, So They wrote about:
“A New Jersey couple sought dissolution of their domestic partnership on grounds of irreconcilable difference.”

That was good enough to put into a newsletter, so. Are they going to start writing about every other divorce, _EVER_?

May 2nd, 2008 | LINK

thank you for that lovely voice of support, berevi

L. Junius Brutus
May 3rd, 2008 | LINK

I thought the same thing about her, especially her comment that polygamy is superior to gay marriage. But then I read this opinion piece:…new_dilemmas

She sounds mildly sympathetic toward civil union measures. Of course, none of those who truly hate us do that.

And she wrote an opinion piece saying that she wanted to vote for Giuliani (also on Town Hall), but backed off after learning of his support for public funding for abortions. Since Giuliani opposes the amendment, I don’t think this lady is quite as bad as some of the others, but then again, with the anti-gay folks you can never be certain.

a. mcewen
May 4th, 2008 | LINK

one more thing about ms. gallagher. The following one-note straw man argument seems to pop up in a lot of her writings about marriage equality:

“Judges and politicians like that imply that the 60 percent of black Americans and 60 percent of white Americans in a November Pew poll who say they oppose gay marriage must be motivated by ‘animus.’ Translation? You’re a bigot.”

Also, when asked about the money ($41,500) she received from the Bush Administration, she said she simply forgot to mention it, even though at the time, she testified in front of Congress regarding her position.

Which is the most ridiculous explanation I have ever heard. Hell, I remember receiving an 11 cent check from the phone company.

May 4th, 2008 | LINK

““Judges and politicians like that imply that the 60 percent of black Americans and 60 percent of white Americans in a November Pew poll who say they oppose gay marriage must be motivated by ‘animus.’ Translation? You’re a bigot.” ”

If it isn’t animus, its a belief.. Both of which, imo, are not enough to base anything out of. It certainly isnt something inherently natural… but rather socially conditioned where ppl dont necesarily chose to have that animus. Anyways, the animus claim would be backed up by other nations where this animus has really declined, maybe like Canada or some other places in the world, no? Anyone have a statistic to back what im saying heh.

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