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Moldovan Pride Rally Attacked By Skinheads, Police Stand By And Watch

Jim Burroway

May 12th, 2008

Moldovan Pride attacked by skinheadsYesterday’s scheduled Gay Pride parade in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau was attacked by a mob of skinheads and Moldovan nationalists before the parade could begin. Moldovan police stood by and refused to intervene as angry mobs, estimated at 200 to 400 people, surrounded a bus carrying 60 pride marchers, trapping them inside for 45 minutes. Skinheads also blocked the door to the offices of GenderDoc-M, the organizers of the weekend’s Pride activities, and trapped several people in the offices for several hours. GenderDoc-M made nine calls to police for help. Police refused to respond.

This latest violence follows a last-minute ban by Chisinau city officials a few days before the parade was scheduled to take place. Officials imposed the ban in defiance of a recent Moldovan Supreme Court ruling which guaranteed GenderDoc-M’s right to assemble.



May 12th, 2008 | LINK

Poor gays… this reminds me of the time the Westboro baptist church for attacke by the angry gay mob when they started chanting what the same ‘skinhead posters’ said.

I guess their just scared(the skinheads i mean) that their country might actually uphold ‘the lifestyle’ as an acceptable form, and not only that, but actually realize that the ‘immoral’ part about ‘the gays’ is the violence exerted on em by using religion(or anything) as its weapon. And i bet the longer the battle continues, the more agressive things will get. This reminds me of the V for Vandetta movie, heh, ‘until someone makes a stupid move'(like actually killing someone). then the true colors of both sides will be shown. Next time, im sure these gay pride attendees will probably bring guns(for self defense), lets just hope that they(the gay pride attendees) dont pull the trigger first.

“In parallel to these events, there were reports that several hundred people of all ages, men and women gathered on the Great National Assembly Square, carrying banners saying “Family is the Union between Man and Woman”, “Homosexuality is a Sin”, “Immorality Ruins Society”, “Moldova – Christian Country”, and “Do Not Turn Sin into Virtue”.”

Awww… you mean opposing homosexuality is a christian thing? *gasp. This gives ‘God is my rock, my sword and my shield’ a whole more complete meaning.
Reminds me of Richard Dawkins quote(not exactly tho) ‘There will always be good ppl doing good things and evil ppl doing evil things but for good ppl to do evil things, THAT requires religion.’

May 13th, 2008 | LINK

this report is innacurate as to so called “skinheads”. 99% of the mob were radical Orthodox Christians and priests from rural areas. It had nothing to do with “skinheads” who simply either do not exist in Moldova or constitute an extremely minute number of people without any future and weight.

May 13th, 2008 | LINK

Just take a look at the picture, where, where do you see “skinheads” there? I repeat that the mob was made up of radical Orthodox Christians who probably have no idea who the skinheads are and what they stand for.

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