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Today In History: HIV Virus Discovered

Jim Burroway

May 20th, 2008

Twenty-five years ago today, on May 20, 1983, an article appeared in the journal Science in which a team led by Luc Montagnier of France’s Pasteur Institute announced that they had discovered the virus which causes AIDS. The suspected virus was isolated in a patient who had died of the disease. Nearly a year later, American researcher Robert Gallo would make a similar claim, sparking a three year debate over who actually discovered the virus.

Nevertheless the discovery of the virus sparked a sense of premature optimism. US health secretary Margaret Heckler famously declared in 1984 that “We hope to have a vaccine ready for testing in about two years.” Two decades later, that vaccine remains out of reach.

The introduction of the “AIDS cocktail” in 1995 has transformed the experience of AIDS from being a terminal condition to being a very serious chronic one. Where receiving an AIDS diagnosis was once tantamount to being handed a death sentence, today people are living full and productive lives with HIV/AIDS. And yet, the more than two-decades-old stigma associated with HIV/AIDS continues.



J. James
May 27th, 2008 | LINK

Perpetuating myths like these does considerable harm to gay people, as it does to promote the “discovery” of “HIV” on a gay-friendly news blog (since it perpetuates the myth that AIDS is a “gay disease”).

1. Gallo “made a similar claim” because he stole from Montaigner. If not for a biased appeals panel, his name would be covered by this conviction forever.

2. The virus has never been “discovered” because that would imply that the virus was isolated, electron micrographs were made of it, and the isolated virus was shown to cause disease. This has never been done. Instead, antibodies assumed to react specifically to something were shown as “evidence”, and this is how the supposed “evidence” for HIV stands up to this day.

3. “HIV tests” are meaningless because antibodies cross-react. The test itself is interpreted according to your “risk group” which targets blacks and gays. There is no objective criteria for what is “positive” (death sentence) and what is “negative”.

4. HIV researchers still cannot explain how HIV damages the immune system. They all merely assume it does and then assume that surrogate markers (CD4 counts and “viral load”) are more representative of pathology than the health of the patient.

5. HIV researchers readily admit that the “evidence” for HIV is purely epidemiological. There are no micrographs of HIV. There is no animal model for HIV. The alleged “micrographs” of “HIV” do not show the alleged morphology of “HIV”.

AIDS is not a disease. It’s the national religion of the United States. And the god of this religion is Death.

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