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  1. revtj
    May 31, 2008

    IML some years back when I was in Chicago (96-99) was held on the same weekend Promise Keepers (a quasi-fundamentalist christian men’s network) was meeting in Soldier Field. Imagine the hilarious street encounters that produced! I remember it seemed nearly everybody in Halstead had a story of gawking christians, some ‘sharing their faith’ and other things. The Tribune wrote a story on the 2 forms of hyper-masculinity: religion and leather. What’s exciting is we can have both, they can’t!

  2. PiaSharn
    May 31, 2008

    Unsurprisingly, his definition of “scat” is not completely accurate. Yes, “scat” is a slang term for coprophilia, and it does refer to a sexual fetish that involves feces. However, it’s not a phenomenon that is limited to gay men.

    Out of curiosity, I googled “Robert Scott’s Gay Slang Dictionary” (RSGSD) so that I could check the entry for myself. The page no longer exists, and, from what I can tell, it hasn’t been around since 2003.

    (I’m trying to pull up an archived version of the site using the Wayback Machine right now, but I’m having problems with the server.)

    I did find Aaron’s Dictionary of Gay Terms (WARNING: site contains images that are not work safe!) which has gotten some of its info from the now-defunct RSGSD website.

    Now then, there is an entry on Aaron’s site that has, word for word, the definition supplied by Porno Pete. It’s also one of the entries that was aquired from RSGSD.

    However, the entry isn’t for the word “scat”. It’s actually the definition for “scat queen”.

    So, not only did Peter use an online dictionary that hasn’t existed for five years (Which makes me wonder how he looked up the definition on it. Did he download the site to his computer years ago?), but he didn’t even use the right entry!

    Not that I expected accuracy from this loon, mind you.

  3. Timothy Kincaid
    May 31, 2008


    Robert Scott’s Gay Slang Dictionary can be found here. But, as you correctly noted, he uses a false definition. I don’t think it is due to inaccuracy but rather dishonesty.

    To define “scat” as “a gay male who…” is convenient. It suggests that scat is a purely homosexual occurrance.

    So LaBarbera just lied.

  4. a. mcewen
    May 31, 2008

    I have emailed Peter and asked him to clarify and make corrections regarding his inferrence of bestiality, scat and the LGBT community.

    Betcha he will ignore it.

  5. David Malcolm
    May 31, 2008

    Actually Luther used to say if you wanna get rid of the devil you needed to fart and he’d leave you alone. Apparently the devil is rather proper…

  6. Johno
    June 1, 2008

    You can find references to heterosexuals enjoying scat all over the place in popular culture, usually as humor but in reference to real pornographic material, always involving heterosexuals: just off the top of my head: Superbad, Borat, (The number one comedies of last year…) South Park, Not Another Teen Movie, 2 Girls 1 Cup….on and on and on…

  7. Bill S
    June 1, 2008

    I wonder if he has a fetish for lying? Maybe that’s why he does it so often-it’s a turn-on for him to be caught in one.

  8. Leo
    June 1, 2008

    Scat means sh*t. Period. The word is not specific to gays or straights.

    A person is not “a scat” the nasty stuff that comes out of them is scat.

    Even though in Pete’s case I’d say both he and the stuff that comes out of him is scat.

  9. Jason D
    June 1, 2008

    “That is, excrement, which to us at Americans For Truth is proof that Satan is alive and well in this world.”

    Excrement is proof that satan is alive and well in the world? The existence of poo is proof of the devil? I wonder if the existence of earwax prooves? Dumbo is alive?

    I’ve been laughing for about five minutes about that.

  10. Leo
    June 1, 2008

    Coprophilia, or scat play, appears in “120 days of Sodom” written by Sade in the 18th century. And is depicted in Pasolini’s movie adaption, Saló. The point being there’s nothing new nor specifically gay about the fetish.

    The idea has been around long before there was any modern gay identity.

  11. Ephilei
    June 1, 2008

    I thought scat was a way of singing jazz? This makes me suspicious of Ella Fitzgerald.

  12. TJ McFisty
    June 2, 2008

    Well, Leo, Petey Pie can argue that Salo is directed by a gay man, therefore, it’s a gay thing only even though the story is based on het acts. Just had to get that out there before he did. And there is actually a “gay” kiss after the big coprophilia scene although the subtext is more about “You’ll spare at the end of this week if I sleep with you.”

    Don’t get too excited, Petey, there’s also a big pee-on-me scene between a very young girl and the Duke.

    Only mentioning this given Petey doesn’t care about substance, just acts.

  13. Eyrev
    September 7, 2009

    I am gay. I enjoy scat. And I am American and I vote.

    Don’t judge me!


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