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  1. Tara TASW
    October 7, 2008

    Thanks for the hat tip. The OCR is as conservative as they come, but it actually makes a conservative argument against Prop 8. If conservatism is about principles, rather than just tribalism, then one of those principles is supposed to be keeping the government out of our lives.

    -Tara The Antisocial Social Worker

  2. Bill
    October 8, 2008


    Do you support eliminating same-sex couples right to marry in California?

    YES – 47%
    NO – 42%


    YES campaign raised – $27 million
    NO campaign raised – $16 million

    This is a fight we can’t lose, the stakes are too high. PLEASE do something even if you don’t live in California. Write online in message boards, dailykos, huff po, forums anything to get the word out to VOTE NO on PROP 8. Make videos and post them on youtube. Be resourceful. You can make your own NO on PROP 8 sign by going to


    NO on Prop 8 —> https://secure.ga4.org/01/equalityforall

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