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Colson, George Awarded Presidential Citizenship Medal

Jim Burroway

December 12th, 2008

President George Bush awarded Presidential Citizenship Medals yesterday to twenty-four recipients, among them Charles Colson and Robert George.

Charles Colson is the famous Watergate co-conspirator who once hatched a plan to firebomb the Brookings Institution. He served time in prison for his connection with Watergate, and has since then become a darling of the religious right.

In the process he has emerged as a staunch anti-gay activist. He has mischaracterized the proposed Federal Hate Crimes legislation as “thought crimes” while skewing FBI statistics. Even though the proposed hate crime legislation only touches on criminal activity (and we’ve reprinted the text of the bill many times so you can see it for yourself rather than take our word for it), Colson lied about what the law would do:

If this dangerous law passes, pastors who preach sermons giving the biblical view of homosexuality could be prosecuted. Christian businessmen who refuse to print pro-gay literature could be prosecuted. Groups like Exodus International, which offer therapy to those with unwanted same-sex attraction, could be shut down. In classic 1984 fashion, peaceful speech will be redefined as a violent attack worthy of punishment.

Which, of course, is nonsense. Religion and race are already protected by existing Federal hate crimes law, and yet Nazis, the Klan, skinheads and other hate groups still have their freedom to protest, march and spew their vile hatred — all because no law can rescind the First Amendment.

But if it’s not hate crime Laws which threaten “persecution of the Church,” Colson has another looming threat: same-sex marriage:

It is all about equal rights, the gay “marriage” lobby keeps telling us. We just want the right to marry, like everyone else. That is what they are telling us. But that is not what they mean. If same-sex “marriage” becomes the law of the land, we can expect massive persecution of the Church.

…The coming persecution of Christians is one more reason why we need to get involved with efforts to pass laws at the state and federal level defining marriage as a legal relationship between one man and one woman.

Colson is also a staunch advocate on behalf of Lisa Miller, of the Miller-Jenkins custody dispute. Miller, who is essentially violating the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act by refusing to adhere to the custody agreement worked out between herself and her former partner, Janet Jenkins, when the state of Vermont dissolved their civil union. The Supreme Court recently declined to hear the case — for the fifth time.

But it’s not just us gays he’s concerned about. He also wants the world to know that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints aren’t Christians. During the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Colson reminded his fellow Evangelicals that “Mormons are not Christians, despite the hype”:

“Mormonism either affirms historic Christianity, or it doesn’t. Since it doesn’t, it can’t call itself Christianity –- a fact that all the good will and public relations in Utah can’t change.”

And he reiterated that point again on his radio program in 2005, saying, “While Mormons share some beliefs with Christians, they are not Christians.” “I respect Mormons and work with them,” he added,” but we can’t gloss over our fundamental differences.”

Another Presidential Citizenship Medal honoree is Robert George, of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University. He is the architect of the Princeton Principles against same-sex marriage. When he spoke at the Voter Values Summit in 2006, he warned the crowd that the “forces arrayed against the conjugal conception of marriage are very powerful … And they will strike hard.”

In 2000, George denounced “Just the Facts,” a booklet sent to teachers to educate them on issues surrounding homosexuality. George complained that the booklet didn’t include the usual faked-up “science” often promulgated by anti-gay extremists equating the so-called “gay lifestyle” with promiscuity:

If it’s ‘Just the Facts,'” he said of the booklet, “…why are we not told about how people who enter the gay lifestyle, or others who are sexually promiscuous, expose themselves to disease and disillusionment?”



David C.
December 12th, 2008 | LINK

I hope that with this, we have seen the zenith of the Evangelical Christian’s influence on a President of the United States.

December 12th, 2008 | LINK

It’s good to know they love the sinner.

Rob Lll
December 12th, 2008 | LINK

Eight years of this administration and with just over a month left, it still feels like it’s never going to end.

January 20th simply cannot come soon enough.

December 12th, 2008 | LINK

So, during the war on terror we are awarding Presidential Citizenship Medals to former terrorists.

You know, you can praise someone’s work without giving them one of the highest honors given to a US civilian.

L. Junius Brutus
December 12th, 2008 | LINK

These people will never miss an opportunity to play the victim and claim that they are being ‘persecuted’. They need to be slapped down every time they try to pull this off.

As Stephen Colbert said, you are not the Rosa Parks of intolerance, Charles Colson.

Nevada Blue
December 12th, 2008 | LINK

{If it’s ‘Just the Facts,’” he said of the booklet, “…why are we not told about how people who enter the gay lifestyle, or others who are sexually promiscuous, expose themselves to disease and disillusionment?”}

I’ll admit to an increased exposure to disease (for promiscuity) if he admits to a higher likeliehood of disillusionment for the “traditional” marriage bunch. The promiscuous masses are full of disillusioned tradtionalists.

Besides, I’d rather be disillusioned by the occasional lover than by how I’ve lived my entire life. I know that a lifetime with one person would never work for me…it already hasn’t.

Timothy Kincaid
December 12th, 2008 | LINK

The promiscuous masses are full of disillusioned tradtionalists.

I’ll go further: I think that traditionalism can lead to promiscuity. Let me explain:

Those children who are raised with a set of rules that are reasonable, consistent, and reflective of the world around them know that they can use these rules for a successful and meaningful life. But those who are raised with a set of rules that are arbitrary and based on “tradition” cannot trust those rules once they determine their nature.

Take, for example, a kid who was raised to believe that promiscuity is sin, and premarital sex is sin, and lust is sin, and masturbation is sin, and thinking about sex is sin, and all sin is equal in the sight of God.

Then give him puberty.

At some point this kid is going to “sin”. And if all shades of gray are black, then what is to distinguish between mastubation and a gang-bang in a back alley?

Too often, kids raised in fundamentalist or traditionalist families have a very long list of “do not’s” without a strong foundation in why such things are harmful. Rather than focus on the possibilities of disease or the dehumanizing or insensitizing nature of promiscuity, they are told that God bans sex outside marriage, end of story, book closed.

And then there are often a whole slew of other “sins” that are thrown right in there – sins which have almost no detectable harm. When I was growing up, the list included secular music, dancing, bowling, movies, television, shorts, going shirtless, swimming with kids of the other sex, drinking (even in moderation), smoking, a lot of the current slang, and a plenty of other things I’m sure I’ve forgotten.

Well what happens when the kid discovers that watching Top Chef isn’t going to warp their mind (much), pervert their spirit, or damn their eternal soul.

The kid is left with no framework, a blank slate. So there’s nothing to give them a sense of direction for what is best in their life, the community, or society as a whole.

Lynn David
December 12th, 2008 | LINK

Chuck Colson?

Who’s next William Ayers?

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