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  1. Joel
    February 12, 2009


    Is this the famous, blame the victim??
    Thought it had no weight in legal terms… but apparantly it does.

    How do you involuntarily kill someone?
    Too much bigotry? Too much hate?
    Interesting… and sad.

  2. Kristie
    February 12, 2009

    The “involuntary manslaughter” charge stemmed from the fact that Sean Kennedy died after being punched once in the face by Moller. Most people going after someone with the intention to murder them generally don’t stop at one punch, so I think they assumed Moller’s intention was simply to injure, not to kill.

    Unfortunately for Sean Kennedy that one punch fractured his facial bones and when he fell to the pavement his brain seperated from his brain stem and went slamming around inside his skull, resulting in his death.

    It’s truly disgusting that Moller will likely serve so little time in jail. Regardless of whether or not he intended to kill Sean, he clearly intended to do him harm and all because Sean was gay. This boy lost his life, his family & friends lost someone they love and this punk will be back out on the street in less than two years to go about his life as if nothing happened. I have to wonder if Sean had been a straight kid killed by a gangbanger if they would have gone so easy on the killer? Doubtful!

  3. Attmay
    February 14, 2009

    It’s truly disgusting that SC taxpayers will be paying to keep this scumbag alive when he should be executed.

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