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The, Ahem, “Face” of the Marriage Movement

Timothy Kincaid

April 30th, 2009

Maggie Gallager has declared Carrie Prejean to be the face of the Marriage Movement.

So here’s what “the face of the marriage movement” looks like:

The face of the National Organization for Marriage with what God gave her

The face of the National Organization for Marriage with what God gave her

And after the plastic surgery, here are what “the boobs of the marriage movement” look like:

And with what the Miss California Pageant gave her

And with what the Miss California Pageant gave her



April 30th, 2009 | LINK

Excellent post! Apparently the “it’s not natural” argument doesn’t carry over into her breasts. Seems to me the Bible also has something to say about modesty of clothing, your body being a temple to God, and how you spend your money.

Priya Lynn
April 30th, 2009 | LINK

I have small breasts. Breast implants have been suggested to me, but I find the thought of foreign objects in my chest utterly creepy.

April 30th, 2009 | LINK

She is the tits of the marriage movement…and the ass.

April 30th, 2009 | LINK

Well here’s one reason I’m gay I suppose: I don’t notice a difference. Perhaps a slight increase, but not very visible to me. I can see that she is pretty and probably makes some straight guys drool, but if she had implants then they are tiny ones to my eyes.

Good points, Ephilei.

April 30th, 2009 | LINK

Pretty face, ugly heart, empty head.

Richard Peterson
April 30th, 2009 | LINK

AC, Spot on.

April 30th, 2009 | LINK

Everything about her is fake.

April 30th, 2009 | LINK

Frankly, she looks better in the first pic; her makeup is better, more natural.

I mean this may just be me as the gay-male-outsider, but I think most girls generally look better without the CRAZY-ASS AMOUNTS OF MAKEUP (particularly eye makeup) that are applied so often. (Or even with no makeup at all.)

Lynn David
April 30th, 2009 | LINK

Silicone, the juice of the beauty pageant circuit.

May 1st, 2009 | LINK

Ms. Prejean definitely looks better when she keeps her mouth shut. :-)

Speaking as a straight guy and former Southern Californian, the state has much better.

The Lauderdale
May 1st, 2009 | LINK

Um, this post seems petty to me. There’s already plenty to disagree with this young woman about: her inarticulateness, her conscious and acquiescent anti-gay activism, her disloyalty to the California pageant team that brought her to the national stage in the first place, her antebellum attitude that gay people are just fine when they’re doing her hair and make-up, but Lord forbid they enjoy the human dignity of marriage. It’s easy to find fault with all of that…but an insubstantial post like this amounts to “Here’s before. Here’s after. Hurr hurr. Dumb bitch.” It seems unworthy of the larger blog.

That said, I’m going to undermine half of what I just said when I observe that they (her breasts) looked better before.

Richard Rush
May 1st, 2009 | LINK

Here is a photo of Carrie and her sister. Which one looks pretty and human, and which one looks plastic and fake?

At the risk of descending into unseemly gossip, do we know if the implant idea originated from the California pageant officials or from Carrie? If from the pageant, it just emphasises that fake is superior to real with these pageants. If from Carrie, maybe it was a response to growing up being mocked, ridiculed, and bullied for her God-given itty bitty titties.

Maggie Gallagher commended Carrie for choosing truth over a tiara. But she also chose tits over truth.

Isn’t that something like ex-gays choosing to fake their way through life?

May 1st, 2009 | LINK

This post cracks me up! True: Pretty face, Ugly heart and Empty head!


Because of this blonde, I’m beginning to feel “sorry” for her and the religious right. But they do deserve one another.

Richard Rush
May 1st, 2009 | LINK

Like ravenbiker, part of me is beginning to feel sorry for her as well. She is still young and probably naive. She may not realize how she is being used by the Religious Right. If it were not for her usefulness on the marriage issue, the RR would likely distance themselves from someone parading around in a beauty pageant with fake boobs (although at some level, beauty pageants represent part of a more traditional role for women that the RR favors).

She probably doesn’t realize that if she ever changes her stated position on marriage, the RR will ostracize her as publicly as they are now embracing her.

I’m guessing that she has grown up being indoctrinated in her current religion, and so far has not been motivated to question any of it. Like many, she probably is under the erroneous assumption that those professing to be highly religious people are automatically trustworthy.

May 1st, 2009 | LINK

it seems strange to me that a beauty pageant would allow surgically-altered contestants. what’s the point? to see a competition of cut-and-stitch bodies? why not just say that it’s a competition between surgeons! it’d be as if pro sports publicly allowed players to use steroids.

May 1st, 2009 | LINK

Alas Carrie is pretty much false from beginning to end. She is falsely claiming she is being censored (criticism is not censorship). She falsely called her sister a “gay rights activist.” She falsely pretends gay “choose” to be gay. Is it a surprise her breasts, which she flaunts, are also false?

I am perplexed how pushing your breasts “out there” demanding them to be noticed isn’t an attempt to make straight men (and some women) to lust after them. Considering the views on sex held by Christias how is this not encouraging others to sin? She’s a hypocrite on top of being a liar. I fault her for these things more than for being a bubbleheaded moron. Dumbness is not necessarily a choice, hypocrisy and deceit are.

May 2nd, 2009 | LINK

I think the biggest point here, and one that has gotten lost is this.

Carrie is a conservative Christian, Her actions however are in direct opposition to biblical truths that they openly promote, but yet she is being used as the poster girl for conservative Christian groups. They can’t bite the hand that feeds them, however others can and should point out this blatant hypcrisy, politely but firmly. No more insulting jokes that only make us look bad, no more making fun of everymove this girl makes.

If she wants to get in the political ring using her faith as justification she needs to be ready to have to own up to all of this, maybe a politically active liberal christian might be the best for this. They can’t be allowed to have the sole claim to Christian morality.

I understand that not all who oppose her care about religion, many believe it is hurtful, but this may be the best way to get some positive publicity. show that there are Christians who disagree with her as well, and take the religious claims out from under her. then all she’ll have is “I was raised that way” which is not a good excuse for prejudice.

Emily K
May 2nd, 2009 | LINK

Ugh, let me state for the record that I do NOT actually think her boobs are “nice” in any way, they are gross. And I’m attracted to women. But no. They’re fake. And gross. Everything about her is fake and gross. If her goal was to make women and men lust after her, she failed on this woman. And no amount of surgery could make that happen.

May 5th, 2009 | LINK

I’m pretty sure she’s missing some of what God gave her, too.

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