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  1. Priya Lynn
    September 29, 2009

    Its certainly interesting to have the chance to watch how religions come to be and fool huge numbers of people

  2. elaygee
    September 29, 2009

    There’s a sucker born every minute. Not much difference between Scientology, Christianity, Islam, Hiduism, etc…

  3. Deck Moss
    September 29, 2009

    Excellent comparisons. Really well thought out.

    In its first two years, 1950 to 1952, Dianetics — before it became a “religion” to avoid the medical associations which shut them down — attracted a lot of gay men. One of the first “clears” was gay.

    Hundreds of gay men probably flocked to it at that time, thinking that if the traumatic incident (engram) in their past could be cleared, they’d be straight. But fairly quickly, most of the gay crowd quit, because it simply didn’t work. Didn’t cure blindness or insanity either. Some got stuck in the trap that Scientology is.

    Later it morphed into “making the able more able.” They might as well have claimed that it would make the gay, gayer.

    I grew up gay in a time period well after Scientology’s start and before any ex-gay program was going.

    As a Christian kid, who hoped my gayness would just go away, I prayed about it, and tried my own methods of trying to force myself to think of girl parts when I orgasmed etc., to no avail.

    As okay as the MCC is or other gay friendly church, by the time I was near those, I pretty much lost my faith, and it was partly because of being gay. The realization of being gay was traumatic for me because I always wanted a wife and children and I thought that something that important, gayness, should be dealt with more clearly in the Bible. Coming to grips with being gay made me question everything about religion, and other things I was raised to believe.

    This thinking of sexual orientation of being “a choice” was preposterous to me, just as silly and nonsensical as Scientology’s story about Xenu.

    It worked out fine though. In ways I’m glad I never had the responsibility of kids.

  4. John
    September 29, 2009

    The feelings expressed by the ex-Scientologists strike me for how similar they are to ex-Mormons.

    I suppose the common thread is feeling betrayed and lied to by an organization that one really believed in.

    Common similar complaints about Mormonism by ex-Mormons include the church’s obsession with money, flat out falsehoods in the Book of Mormon and other texts, splitting up families between believers and non-believers, and the amount of time devoted to the Mormon Church that is demanded of Mormons.

    Ex-Mormons seem particulary bitter about the amount of control they felt they ceeded to the Mormon Church, particularly local bishops and stake presidents. It seems Scientologists also feel trapped and part of that is due to social and family relationships being limited to fellow Scientologists, just as Mormons (due in part to their heavy obligations to the church) gradually associate mostly with fellow Mormons.

    I think studying a group like the Scientologists can give great insights into all sorts of other groups, in addition to the ex-gay movement.

    I think that most of us want to be better people. We just need to realize that some people and organizations will try to exploit that desire to take our money and control our lives.

  5. greg barnes
    April 4, 2010

    Funny to see my picture on yourwebsite regarding ex-gay and scn. I met so many “ex-gay” guys who were in scn. and some of them still might be..

    Yes they were married but still had the gay thoughts and desires. It took me about 1 year after leaving scn to finally come out of the closet. What a freeing of my spirit and true identity that was.

    The damage some of these groups do to change you to be in their likeness has caused too many to take their own lives, or to live in misery because of a belief.

    It was free to realize who I was after spending some hundreds of thousands in scn.

    I can even say that one of scn big celebrities is gay and married…marriage of convenience and no its not Tom Cruise.

    Scn like many other groups promises the world and delivers bigotry,paranoia and hate. Funny how religion does that.

    YOu can not change being gay like you can not change being born black.

    If people can not accept you for who you are then they are not your friends even if they are family.

    All the best,

    Greg Barnes Gay OT 7 (LOL)

  6. Travonda
    March 28, 2012

    I am always highly offended when gay people compare themselves to black people. Being black is obvious, but where’s the obvious sign that you are gay?? Clearly, there is no valid reason to compare the two. Anywho … I decided to write respond to this article because I am impressed with the potential for becoming sane by using the auditing tool. After becoming Clear, it is important to have a rule book. And if the rule book is followed, it will sufficiently sustain the state of a Clear and a Thetan. I was informed that the book entitled “The Way to Happiness” is such a book. And to the degree that a Clear follows this book, that is the degree of his ability to remain Clear. So if anyone has regress into anxieties, phobias … more specifically, psychoses, neuroses, compulsions and repressions … then he or she has deviated from “The Way To Happiness.” This booklet is a key to sustain your treatment and to unlock your unlimited potential. So I would ask anyone who is now an “ex-” Scientologist, in particular, to check your data to acknowledge and confirm to what degree you have abandoned your rule book that has is used to help you remain “Clear.”

  7. Priya Lynn
    March 28, 2012

    Travonda said “I am always highly offended when gay people compare themselves to black people. Being black is obvious, but where’s the obvious sign that you are gay??”.

    Travonda, what does it matter that being black is obvious but being gay is less so? Are you suggesting that because gay people can pretend to be straight they should do so to avoid discrimination? That’s not just. Both blacks and gays are unjustly discriminated against and while there are many differences there is also much in common so you have no grounds upon which to be offended when gay people compare themselves to black people.

    There is no science behind scientology, its all quackery, a cruel joke played on people by a science fiction writer. No one will find happiness through scientology, what they’ll find is themselves broke, depressed, manipulated, and confused.

  8. StraightGrandmother
    March 28, 2012

    Travonda said “I am always highly offended when gay people compare themselves to black people. Being black is obvious, but where’s the obvious sign that you are gay??”.

    StraightGrandmother = And yet we protect people from Discrimination based on their religion, and that is something you can’t tell by looking either is it Travonda?

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