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Carrie Sued for her… um… Enhancements

Timothy Kincaid

October 27th, 2009

It appears that Carrie Prejean, the face of the anti-gay marriage movement, just can’t help but be a national joke.

I’m not saying that she’s a blithering idiot. I’m not calling her a dunce. I’m not suggesting that she lends credibility to every blond joke I’ve ever heard. I’m just pondering whether her handlers have properly considered the possible ramifications of yet another public reminder that Carrie’s life in the recent past does not exactly align with the frilly necked, long sleeved Carrie that value voters so adore.

Because, if so, then they should have done a better job vetting. Cuz, really, if you cater to the Jesus Loves a Virgin crowd, you probably don’t much benefit from headlines that scream:

Miss California Officials to Carrie Prejean: You Owe Us for Those Boobs!

Miss USAIt turns out that Carrie forgot – in her desire to support Biblical Marriage – that suing your former employer after they’ve invested money into the contract you breached can result in them suing you right back. (E Online)

K2 Productions, which directs the Miss California USA pageant, has countersued the litigious former beauty queen, requesting that she return the $5,200 it gave her for breast-augmentation surgery.

“Had [Prejean] heeded the guidance of the Gospel of John, who admonished only those who are without sin to cast stones in judgment, she might have avoided this legal battle,” the suit states.

You just gotta love a lawsuit that quotes Scripture at the Holier-Than-Thou crowd.

And it makes me wonder about the priorities of the National Organization for Marriage. If they are willing to shell out millions in advertising campaigns and huge sums in legal fees to fight public disclosure laws, couldn’t they kick out a few paltry thousands to keep Carrie’s boobs out of the press again?

Someone needs to tell Carrie, “Girl, you’re being used. When they no longer have a use for a blond bimbo victim of the evil gays, they will kick you to the curb and you will have no one at all to turn to.”



Leonard Drake
October 27th, 2009 | LINK


October 27th, 2009 | LINK

If No On 1 Maine want to take a lead on any issue, they may do well to pick this.

October 27th, 2009 | LINK

No that’d be silly and a little too schadenfreude and picking on a specific person, who oddly people still sympathize with (mostly because they don’t know the whole story). She has nothing to do with the Yes on 1 campaign or Maine..

David C.
October 27th, 2009 | LINK

No title, not career, and a rocky future awaits this foolish young woman. She is getting what she bargained for, unfortunately she was not smart enough to recognize that fact when she started down this path. Sad, but I won’t be shedding a tear for her as she learns a very hard lesson about prejudice and its purveyors.

October 28th, 2009 | LINK

Carrie should have known better than to join ranks with the likes of Maggie Gallagher. When she is no longer useful to Maggie and NOM, she is finished. Gallagher cares about one thing and one thing only–the Six Figure annual (42% of all donations NOM rakes in)salary that she pays herself.

Regan DuCasse
October 28th, 2009 | LINK

Yep, she got into bed with a sleazy political campaign. If she has handlers, and it would seem she does, nobody is a winner here, are they?

It goes like this: the more an organization or individual gives over to trying to slam gay people for every little thing, it’s ugly and a career built on gay bashing is one built on quicksand.

The anti gay have less and less pretty, youthful spokesfaces. They especially don’t have celebrity appeal for equality like we do.
Maggie G, Brian Brown, of NOM…Peter LaB and Matt Barber and even Harry Jackson (who reminds me of Barber in blackface), are becoming more and more unattractive specifically because of how much time and money they are spending on such a small target.

Aren’t they also the ones that think homosexuals are an insignificantly miniscule minority?

So why press conferences and engaging Miss CA….for political action taking place in MAINE?

You all are right. She’s not going to be of much use to them, eventually.
NOM is going to have to answer to a lot, when it’s all said and done.
Betcha they’ll try very hard not to…

October 28th, 2009 | LINK

“Someone needs to tell Carrie, ‘Girl, you’re being used. When they no longer have a use for a blond bimbo victim of the evil gays, they will kick you to the curb and you will have no one at all to turn to.'”

Polish your crystal ball, Kincaid, ‘cuz it ain’t workin.’ (Although, I expect this sort of thing from a guy who is so mired in delusion, that he thinks the oxygen-depleting parasite Harvey Milk was a hero.)

Christopher Waldrop
October 29th, 2009 | LINK

And what exactly is your argument, Brennin? Harvey Milk stood up for equal rights, while Prejean has been a supporter of prejudice, in spite of being frequently incoherent. It appears the only reason NOM keeps using her is because she’s the best she’s got–which says a lot about the organization.

October 29th, 2009 | LINK

@Timothy-I’m not sure it’s really accurate or honest to keep trying to tie NOM to Prejean at this point. NOM have pretty publicly distanced themselves from Prejean–they’ve already “kicked her to the curb”–so why keep suggesting they’re secret pals or that NOM is secretly using her? As wrong as NOM is, you should at least give them credit for realizing that Prejean is an unstable mess who did them no good.

If you have some concrete evidence of their continuing to work together, let us know about it, otherwise, try to stay current and ease up on the unfounded innuendo…

Richard W. Fitch
October 29th, 2009 | LINK

Brennin: I can only wonder who here is delusional. Both the Gov. of CA and the US Pres. have honored Harvey Milk for his contributions to the gay civil rights movement. On the otherhand, Ms. Prejean as the pretty face of NOM would perpetuate unjust discrimination and if allowed institute an American fundamentalist theocracy. Carrie’s place in history is as artifical as her ‘enhancements’.

November 1st, 2009 | LINK

Maybe we’re going about this wrong. If we paid for Maggie Gallagher to get liposuction, a gastric band, and fake tits she might be able to get a life and stop bothering us.

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