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Throckmorton Appeals to Ugandan Christians

Timothy Kincaid

November 2nd, 2009

Dr. Warren Throckmorton has had published a guest blog in The Independent, a Ugandan news blog. In it, he appeals to fellow Christians to follow the lead of Christ and avoid harsh civil punishment for spiritual sins.

Throckmorton selected the story of the woman at the well caught in adultery whose accusers disappeared when Jesus said that the person who was without sin should be the person who threw the first stone.

As I read the Anti-Homosexuality Bill proposed in Uganda by MPs David Bahati and Benson Obua, I wonder if perhaps these gentlemen think Jesus should have picked up a stone. Instead, Jesus intervened on behalf of the woman, was He wrong? Clearly, He did not believe adultery was proper. But He signaled a new way of dealing with sin, one which emphasizes mercy and freedom, rather than coercion and death. People must choose to follow the teachings of Christ, not be coerced by Pharisees or government officials. The human heart cannot be changed by laws, but through the freely chosen grace of Christ.

Brothers and sisters, jailing or killing gays or those suspected of being gay or those who know gays cannot create a righteous people, and in fact may further a self-righteous people. One may disapprove of homosexuality, and still treat homosexuals as you would want to be treated. Who among us could stand if our private sins were judged in such a manner as the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009?

I urge my brethren in beautiful Uganda to follow the example of Jesus. Please, for the sake of Christ, put down your stones.

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November 2nd, 2009 | LINK

Kudos to Throckmorton – this time. I’m glad he’s perhaps beginning to see the fruits of the ex-gay conservative Christian movement.

November 2nd, 2009 | LINK

The story about the woman at the well is from John 4 vs. 1-26. It describes a Samaritan who’d had a string of husbands and at the time was living with a man who was not her husband. She went to the well at midday to avoid the other women of her town; the midday heat meant they would avoid being there. The setting was Sychar in Samaria, in what is now the northern West Bank; there would not have been Israelites living there at that time.

The phrase about those without sin casting the first stone comes from John 8 vs.1-11, and was said to a group of Pharisees regarding an adulteress (some believe it was Mary Magdalen) they had brought before Jesus. They intended to force Jesus into commending that she be stoned, in accordance with the law of Moses. Jesus did exactly that, but in such a way that none of them dare cast the first stone, thereby protecting her from them. The story is set in Jerusalem, forty miles south of Sychar.

Timothy Kincaid
November 2nd, 2009 | LINK

Oh pooh. That’s what I get for going from memory.

Thanks Tavdy79

November 2nd, 2009 | LINK

A person who will be happy with our imprisonment is just as bad as a person who advocates for killing us.

I see no difference!

David C.
November 2nd, 2009 | LINK

he rest of the religious right that got this stirred up in the first place needs to start saying the same kind of thing.

You know who you are.

Priya Lynn
November 2nd, 2009 | LINK

The story about the woman at the well doesn’t belong in the bible. It is not found in the earliest manuscripts of the bible, and if I remember correctly first appeared in the bible around 1400.

Priya Lynn
November 2nd, 2009 | LINK

For more information see Bart D. Ehrman’s book “Misquoting Jesus”.

November 2nd, 2009 | LINK

“Please, for the sake of Christ, put down your stones.”

I don’t say this often, but…amen.

November 2nd, 2009 | LINK

Actually Priya, the passage has been around since the 4th century at least.

Priya Lynn
November 2nd, 2009 | LINK

Interesting Desiree, I’ll have to check my book and see what it says, maybe my memory is off. Ehrman is an expert on early manuscripts so I’d be inclined to believe him over wikipedia.

Priya Lynn
November 2nd, 2009 | LINK

Desiree, I also note that even the wikipedia article says that most scholars agree it “was certainly not part of the original text”.

November 2nd, 2009 | LINK

oh of that I have no doubt. It’s placement in the text makes that clear. But the history of the story is older than 1400s, that was my only point

Lynn David
November 3rd, 2009 | LINK

An opinion against the bill was written by a Makerere University Law don:
Why anti-gay Bill should worry us
Mrs Sylvia Tamale

Regan DuCasse
November 3rd, 2009 | LINK

Good luck to Dr. Throckmorton, but isn’t he a perfect example of exactly what the Ugandan government and Ugandan culture WANT gay people to do and be?

A gay person who has effectively become non gay, non involved in a gay relationship, completely conformed to the dominant ideal of what a gay person should behave like?

That he even can do it without the threat of imprisonment, death or silence speaks volumes to being what THEY want, with less.

So then, how could he possibly be of any meaningful help to this situation?

I’m simply trying to understand how a person who conforms to a standard STILL maintained as fair and desirable for gay people, can defend gay people in a way that makes a difference that really matters.

Ben in Oakland
November 3rd, 2009 | LINK

Good for Throckmorton. At least he is beginning to see something of the damage that he and his brethren cause.

Funny how some people refuse to learn.

A nazi is a nazi, whether wearing a swastika, or tefillin, or a cross.

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