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Uganda’s “Kill Gays” Bill Still Has American Defenders, Death Penalty And All

Jim Burroway

January 10th, 2010

Grove City College professor Warren Throckmorton has a rundown on several American evangelicals who support Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill, with some even supporting the death penalty or explaining it away by lying about its application. One post by Joel McDurmon appeared on the American Vision web site, appropriately titled “A Perfect Hatred.” He writes:

Where God says a civil crime deserves the death penalty, I propose that we keep in step with the first greatest commandment and recognize His total sovereignty in heart, soul, strength, and mind…. Now, it just so happens that God revealed that the homosexual act is a civil crime, and it just so happens that He revealed that the homosexual act as a civil crime deserves the death penalty.

Larry Jacobs of the World Congress of Families rushed to defend Exodus International board member Don Schmierer, but offered not one word of criticism of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill which came on the aftermath of Schmierer’s March 5-7 conference in Kampala. He didn’t even bother to mention the death penalty provisions.

Warren also noted one article by Cliff Kincaid which earned a LaBarbera Award from BTB’s Timothy Kincaid (no relation), but that’s not the only example from this guy. In another post Cliff Kincaid complains that criticizing the wide-ranging bill amounts to “bashing” Uganda’s Christians, metaphorical language that is insulting in the extreme to those gays and lesbians who have actually been physically bashed bodily, sometimes to death.

If you know of other examples of American supporters of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, feel free to leave them in comments at Warren Throckmorton’s web site.

Click here to see BTB\’s complete coverage of recent anti-gay developments in Uganda.



January 10th, 2010 | LINK

American Vision quote continued: “Now, it just so happens that God revealed that the homosexual act is a civil crime, and it just so happens that He revealed that the homosexual act as a civil crime deserves the death penalty. Warren disagrees. He argues, “Since God created all, and Jesus suffered and died for all, then we are to treat all with respect.” Of course, Jesus never claimed to suffer and die for all; He claimed to give his life as a ransom for many (Matt. 20:28; 26:28; Heb. 2:10; 9:28). Likewise, God did not create all for unqualified “respect,” but some to be vessels of dishonor and destruction (Rom. 9:21–23).”

Wow. That’s a truly frightening understanding of one’s fellow human beings. And in the comments section of the Throckmorton blog Jeff Sharlet notes that American Vision is actually a pretty influential purveyor of historical revisionism to both Christian schools and politicians. Scarier still.

January 10th, 2010 | LINK

Ah yes, American Vision, the website of one Gary DeMar, one of those people who nobody’s ever heard of but who is an instrumental member of the Christian Reconstructionist/Theonomist movement, which is trying to implement Old Testament Civil Law as American law. They’re not at all apologetic about the fact that they want to implement the death penalty for homosexuality, adultery, and even for rebellious youth.

I don’t think Sharlet even knows or understands the full reach of the Christian Reconstructionist movement, and he’s not correct in representing them as part of the anti-intellectualism of American evangelicalism. They’re generally very highly educated, probably some of the most educated people in conservative evangelicalism. One of the reasons that they’ve been as successful as they have is because they’ve taken advantage of the fact that the average evangelical isn’t terribly intellectual and overwhelm them with big words and complex arguments. People tend to be afraid to question their arguments for fear of appearing stupid, and that’s when they even see that there’s a problem–the Reconstructionsts frame their arguments using terms that are familiar in American evangelicalism, but they use them in ways that are just different enough that, if you’re an evangelical, unless you know what to look for you may not even catch what they’re doing. It’s pretty obvious what they’re doing if you’re outside of evangelicalism looking in, or if you’re an evangelical and know what to look for, but since most people don’t have a clue about any of it, Reconstructionist thought is slowly spreading in evangelical churches and has been for the last 30 years.

If you want to get really scared though, start looking into the name R.J. Rushdooney and who all he and his associates are connected to. He’s the father of Christian Reconstructionism, almost nobody’s heard of him, but once you start digging you realize that his fingerprints are over almost everything in the American religious and political right in the last 30 some odd years.

Lynn David
January 11th, 2010 | LINK

Don Schmierer and Howard Ahmanson Jr have both been signatories to some of the WCF letters or ‘declarations’. The WCF was founded in 1997 by Allan Carlson and is a project of The Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society in Rockford, Illinois ( Seems there was a connection between the Watchmen on the Wall and the WCF in Riga, Latvia, along with “American activist Scott Lively, president of Defend The Family International.” Both Schmierer and Lively signed the WCF letter on Defense of Marriage in Romania early in 2008. The WCF especially thanked Scott Lively of Watchmen on the Walls (among others) for circulating the petition concerning the defense of marriage in Romania in their April 2008 newsletter. See:
Bottom of page 2.

So why doesn’t WCF show the love for Lively as well?

Gene Touchet
January 11th, 2010 | LINK

To address the “civil” crime, check out Kosnik’s “Human Sexuality,” 1977.
It was written by a team of Catholic theologians and posits that the Leviticus proscriptions were based in cultic politics rather than “divine” revelation. There is evidence that at the time of Leviticus certain religious prostitution was practiced in neighboring tribes In order to keep the Israelite practices from being “corrupted,” anything which the neighbors included in religious practices was prohibited to them.
(Kosnik was silenced by the Church and the book banned.)

January 11th, 2010 | LINK

Oh yes, Howard Ahmanson Jr., yet another example of how all roads lead back to the granddaddy of Christian Reconstructionism, R.J. Rushdooney. He says he’s not on board with the whole stone-the-gays part of Rushdooney’s teaching, but that didn’t stop him from giving millions to the foundation Rushdooney started even though that’s one of their stated goals in implementing OT civil law.

January 11th, 2010 | LINK

Well at least these guys actually DO take it literally instead of reaaaaalllyy stretching it into only a condemnation of same sex marriage. Never understood how “kill gays” gets translated by a believer of the supposed “literal, inerrant” bible into “don’t let them exchange wedding rings.”

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