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Right-Wing Accuracy In Media: Abandoning freedom of speech and the press are a “natural reaction” to pro-gay “propagandizing”

Timothy Kincaid

February 11th, 2010

cliff kincaidWe recently gave Accuracy in Media’s Cliff Kincaid (no relation) the LaBarbera Award for his endorsement of Uganda’s Kill Gays bill. To be clear, Cliff doesn’t endorse the bill in some “revised” version; he endorses the execution of gay Ugandans.

In a follow up to his extremist blood-lust, Cliff Kincaid reiterates his support and condemns conservative Republicans who find it too extreme.

Conservatives were shocked to see Coburn, a conservative leader and medical doctor, jump into bed with Feingold and Franken and other liberals to attack Uganda\’s legislative process and pro-family political leaders and activists.

Cliff’s article is riddled with inflammatory rhetoric and, at times, comical assertions. For example, he describes mid-19th Century despotic boy-king Mwanga as “a homosexual pedophile”, apparently not realizing that he was actually younger than all most of his victims, none of whom were young children. And he explained this bill in terms of Ugandans wishing to avoid what has happened in the US “in terms of disease and death brought on by the so-called sexual revolution”, never realizing that the AIDS prevalence in Uganda is at 5.4% amongst adults while in the United States it is less that 0.1%.

But what he says about the Church of Uganda’s activism on this issue is no laughing matter. We noted that the Church of Uganda’s call to “prohibit the licensing of organizations which promote homosexuality” and to “prohibit procurement of material and promotion of homosexuality as normal or as an alternative lifestyle” was abhorrent to those who value freedom. However, Cliff said

The latter provision is an obvious means by which foreign-funded groups could be prohibited from propagandizing on Ugandan soil. It may not be consistent with Western notions of freedom of speech and press, but it represents a natural reaction to attempts by George Soros and his allies to change Ugandan laws in a pro-homosexual direction.

This is chilling language. It takes little imagination to see Cliff Kincaid and Accuracy in Media supporting the elimination of freedoms of speech and press in this nation were it justifiable by vilifying pro-homosexual propaganda.



February 12th, 2010 | LINK

Mwanga II was 18 at the time of the martyrdoms. From what I can find on what Catholics call The Uganda Martyrs, it appears that youngest age was 14 (St. Kizito) and the oldest was 50 (St. Matiya Mulumba). Ick. Not sure about the “gay” angle to the story, but clearly there was a power play involved as we see in other countries fearful of Western imperialism, which missionaries unfortunately were many times the vanguard of. Still, this doesn’t justify the brutal murder of these men, let alone any forced sexual relations. To further use their martyrdoms as justification for persecuting gays today dishonors their memory and is a betrayal of the Gospel. It’s not just in Uganda either, read about what’s going on in Kenya with the religiously inspired “Operation Gay Out”:


February 12th, 2010 | LINK

How ironic that Cliff Kincaid calls his website “ACCURACY in Media.” Debate is fine and reasonable people can disagree; it is, however, either ignorant to ignore facts (hence the term), or cynical to purposely avoid them. In either case, one is acting barbarically by not truly engaging the debate.

And acting that way can clearly have lethal repercussions for innocent people. Shame on Mr. Cliff Kincaid.

February 12th, 2010 | LINK

The haterosexual supremacists don’t want opposition. That’s why they went to the Supreme Court to shut off the cameras for the Prop 8 trial. That’s why they turn off comments to their youtube channels. That’s why they label gay people peacefully protesting “harrassment”. Remember when Carrie Prejean went on every tv show to scream her support for heterosexual-only marriage and at the same time scream she was denied free speech because people spoke out in opposition to her views? They don’t want opposition and they will do anything to stop it.

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