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  1. Pender
    April 29, 2010

    Better than nothing, I suppose, but not by much:

    “Robitaille opposes changing Rhode Island law to allow same-sex marriage, but said he ‘would look at’ civil unions or other arrangements that give gay couples legal rights.”

    Calls to mind that moment in the 2008 Republican primary debate when Huckabee was asked if he saw any place for gay people in the GOP. His answer, paraphrased, was “Yes, please vote for us, because we need every vote we can get, but we’re not going to change our anti-gay stance at all.”

    A promise to “look at” civil unions — in a state where over 50% of the population supports full marriage equality — is not very encouraging.

  2. AJD
    April 29, 2010

    Considering how effectively the GOP has hoodwinked working-class Americans into voting against their own interests by supporting plutocrats like Bush, it’s only natural that they’d expect us to vote against our own interests by supporting candidates who still oppose equality (considering the opposition to marriage equality noted above by Pender).

  3. Jim Burroway
    April 30, 2010

    Does anyone know whether this is a first for a state GOP party?

  4. Timothy Kincaid
    May 1, 2010


    Quite a few years ago Log Cabin was welcomed on a local level in Los Angeles and in San Francisco by the county GOP.

    THe CA GOP chairmen (a few of them) have made a point of welcoming Log Cabin and Governor Schwarzenegger headlined a fundraiser for them a few years back

  5. Timothy Kincaid
    May 2, 2010


    The GOP in CA has on a number of occasions included Log Cabin. The chairman (a few of them) have made a point of attending Log Cabin events and Governor Schwarzenegger headlined a fundraiser for Log Cabin which was attended by a number of CA GOP party officials.

  6. TampaZeke
    May 4, 2010

    “We’re a very different breed in Rhode Island in many ways. We have one of the most forward-thinking Republican parties in the country.”

    Perhaps Mr. Beltran would like to share this information with the highest ranking Republican in the state of Rhode Island; the VERY anti-gay Republican Governor.

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