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Mike Huckabee wouldn’t know integrity if it bit him in the butt

Timothy Kincaid

May 3rd, 2010

Eternal Republican candidate and advocate for having theology dictate legislation Mike Huckabee got together with fellow social conservative Sean Hannity to rag on Rosie O’Donnell and have a good old-fashioned “Christians are victims” jawing. And, it seems, when in friendly company, sometimes Huckabee can just get carried away by victimhood, exaggeration, and hyperbole and say something truly stupid.

Naturally, there was lots of whining about how unfair it is to see his dedication to harming gay people, their lives, their freedoms and their equality and think he must “somehow be bigoted.” (Really! what a notion!) And how it is intolerant to not respect his intolerance.

Poor, pitiful him.

Amusingly, just a moment before he had described his desire to not allow Rosie O’Donnell to adopt as being “not a personal thing.” She should just get over it, he’s already called dibs on the martyr label.

But I digress.

The real moment of surreality, the true wait-there-must-be-a-punchline-coming comment came when he whimpered about how he’s not so bad, or no worse than anyone else.

As I tell people, my position on same-sex marriage is the same that Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the voters in 30 states where it’s been on the ballot —



So Huckabee thinks that his ‘position is the same’ as those who support civil unions? His ‘position is the same’ as those who oppose anti-gay amendments? Huckabee’s ‘positions are the same’ as those states which protected the word “marriage” but deliberately chose not to ban relationship recognition.

No, that’s not Mike Huckabee’s position on same-sex marriage. Nope, that would just be a lie. Huckabee’s position on same-sex marriage is:

I can assure you I believe in a constitutional amendment that prohibits same-sex marriages, and I do not believe in civil unions. Never have and never will.

I swear, Mike Huckabee wouldn’t recognize honesty and truthfulness if they sidled up and bit him on the butt to get his attention.

All in all, it’s probably a good thing changed his previous occupation and ran for office. Politicians do, on whole, have even a slightly worse reputation than preachers so he’s right at home.



May 3rd, 2010 | LINK

Considering that many of those 30 states also banned civil unions or anything equivalent then it’s incorrect to group Obama, Biden, and Clinton’s opinion with that, too.

As you can see though, bigots continue to make hay with the No to Marriage, Yes to Civil Unions position of the more cowardly Democrats. That needs to change.

May 3rd, 2010 | LINK

From Hannity: “Is there — in other words, is it predicated on this idea well, if you believe that and you’re practicing your faith, you must somehow be bigoted?”

Uhh.. the problem is not “practicing your faith.” Practicing your faith means YOU don’t get gay married and YOU don’t gay adopt.

Nowhere in your faith does it say you have to go make laws and injure others.

Regan DuCasse
May 3rd, 2010 | LINK

I remember a clip of a stand up comedian commenting on how absurd homophobia is.
He quips …”they aren’t gay AT you…”,

Huckabee and his ilk however, want to be Christian AT gays, what to be heterosexual AT gays in a vain attempt to coerce change in gay people, or in the protective laws of state and federal Constitutional law.

They keep throwing religious belief around as if that justifies just about everything or as if horrendous human rights abuses weren’t rationalized by the same.
And in recent history in America for someone like Huckabee to know better.

Mark F.
May 3rd, 2010 | LINK

“As I tell people, my position on same-sex marriage is the same that Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton…”

Well, technically true but, as has been pointed out, these people are on record as supporting “almost the same as marriage” civil unions. At the same time, Obama has not exactly been proactive in securing equal rights for gays… he could suspend “don’t ask, don’t tell” military dismissals, for example, but he has refused to do so. And no big push to get the Defense of Marriage Act repealed, etc.

May 3rd, 2010 | LINK

More heterosexual supremacist bs.

May 3rd, 2010 | LINK

Ah, but here he’s calling the wafflers out on their bullshit. Technically he’s right. And technically I can’t get married. Seems to me that all the glad talking and promise-making in the world hasn’t amounted to much (technically). Huckabee is a dangerous anti-intellectual free-spending social conservative / fiscal liberal… he’s just awful.

May 4th, 2010 | LINK

So, I guess this means that Huckabee turned down the dinner invitation from the Hearty Boys.

Priya Lynn
May 4th, 2010 | LINK

Timothy said “Huckabee’s ‘positions are the same’ as those states which protected the word “marriage” but deliberately chose not to ban relationship recognition.”.

Now why would you repeat a right wing lie as though it were your own belief? Those states did not protect marriage, no one was trying to prevent heterosexuals from marrying, there was nothing to protect. Those states didn’t protect marriage, they banned marriages, they attacked marriage.

Paul in Canada
May 4th, 2010 | LINK

Burr – I agree whole-heartedly, but the evangelicals interpret “go ye into all the world and preach the gospel” as a directive to convert. The ‘gospel’ is – their interpretation of all scripture, not just the ‘good news’ of God’s desire to be in a faith-relationship with his creation.

Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth and therein lies the conflict with those who believe they are to set up a ‘christian’ civilization/ culture at the expense of everyone else’s liberties.

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