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Attacked for beliefs about gay equality

Timothy Kincaid

July 3rd, 2010

Anti-gay activists who wish to operate in the shadows and keep their identity secret sued to have the names listed on Washington’s Referndum 71. They claim that gay people are violent and it is dangerous and life-threatening to be publicly opposed to the rights of gay couples.

From last sunday’s article in the anti-gay (and often loony) World Net Daily:

“We’ve got affidavits from more than 60 people who were targeted, harassed. There are newspaper reports of more cases. This seems to be a concerted campaign … to attack and stifle the opposition through harassment”

The courts refused to toss out the state’s policy, but did tell the opponents of equality that if they liked they could go to court with evidence of significant threat if they like.

So they will go to the lower court to try and argue that the gays are frightening and that decent God-fearing people tremble in their sensible shoes when the see one. Gays will hurt you, and they have examples!!

When the fight over marriage was raging in California, WND reported an angry mob of homosexual activists attacked an elderly bespectacled woman carrying a cross, then shouted her down during a live TV interview.

“We should fight! We should fight!” screamed one protester as the woman, identified as Phyllis Burgess, stood calmly with a reporter waiting to be interviewed.

When she came out to the gay crowd protesting Prop 8 and tried to counter-protest, they shouted her down!! And she was bespectacled!!

And there were people on-line who made outrageous statements! like, “Can someone in CA please go burn down the Mormon temples there, PLEASE. I mean seriously. DO IT”.

Can you believe it? Someone saying something outrageous in an online comment thead?

Meanwhile, there’s a news report out of Anchorage today (AP):

Anchorage authorities say they’re investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed a gay pride float intended for a 4th of July parade.

KTUU-TV reports that witnesses told investigators that moments before the fire began Friday morning they saw someone running from the driveway where the float was being constructed.

The Imperial Court of All Alaska is going to try and put something together and particate in tomorrow’s parade. I think they should just roll the charred mess down the street with a banner about the real threat that gay people face daily. And it isn’t a threat to our styrofoam cross.



July 3rd, 2010 | LINK

Phyllis allegedly physically attacked a handicapped man in a wheelchair at that demonstration – a pro 8 demonstration that Phyllis crashed and proceeded to berate and malign the GLBTQ people who were there.

Supposedly, she struck several people with her styrofoam cross as well. Eyewitness accounts posted to the Desert Sun indicated that she attempted to incite a riot, and supposedly the police considered charging her accordingly, but backed down when the fundie press idolized her. And then there’s her subsequent hate-filled posts on the Desert Sun’s website that appeared under her own name.

Poor thing. Guess it really makes what happen to Matthew Shepherd and all of the thousands and thousands of victims of anti-gay violence look pretty petty in comparison – at least, in the eyes of homophobes it does.

John Doucette
July 4th, 2010 | LINK

I’d like to see them go to court with their “evidence” stacked up against real evidence of their hate, harassment and violence toward LGBT people.

July 4th, 2010 | LINK

Personally I think using WND as a source of a blog entry is lazy. You can write five entries a day on their lunacy.

July 4th, 2010 | LINK

“Personally I think using WND as a source of a blog entry is lazy.”
When the Washington Post publishes such a story, I’m sure Timothy will take them just as seriously. The mistake would be to *not* take WND seriously. Far too many people rely on it to do their thinking to ignore it.

I’ve engaged Phyllis Burgess on our local newspaper’s web site and, believe me, it’s hard to engage someone who is as illiterate and delusional as she is. I was at that candlelight vigil and my view of her presence there was akin to Fred Phelps showing up at a funeral to condemn the deceased. That’s what the vigil seemed like to me – a funeral. Lots of us were crying and trying to console each other. I felt like we’d all just experienced death and, truly, my heart was broken by Prop 8 and it’s still hasn’t recovered.

Into this profound moment of grief walked Phyllis Burgess and she proceeded to do what Rev. Fred Phelps does at military funerals – He lashes out at the hurting, grieving people gathered. He breaks their hearts again.

That’s what Phyllis Burgess did. Congress enacted a law to keep Fred Phelps away from funerals. They didn’t do so with Phyllis Burgess. She’s still at it. She is the archetype media whore here in the desert and she simply plagues the Palm Springs City Council with a range of idiotic conspiracies.

July 4th, 2010 | LINK

Oh! I forgot to mention…

The ADN story about the Pride float was posted by a blogger on

One of the nice Bakersfield Christians who participates there had this to say:
What is a parade for To draw attention to a cause in this case Gays they have had a float for years and just maybe a little fire might draw more attention than floating down the street in a parade

People have been known to set fire on their own property we can’t pre judge now can we we should wait for the whole truth I’m willing to wait for the truth

The nice Bakersfield Christian thinks it was a publicity stunt. Notice the gratuitous use of spaces between sentences and the total absence of punctuation? That’s a variation of the illiterate writing style Phyllis Burgess has. Instead of space between sentences,


July 4th, 2010 | LINK

I was unable to attend the parade today but from reports and comments from local online news (NBC is KTUU, CBS is KTVA in Anchorage) it appears it may have happened just as Timothy Kincaid suggested. They planned on entering the parade with the charred float and calling it “Phoenix Rising”. An important note is that the float was not the only thing burnt. A home and garage where the float was being made and stored was damaged in the fire too. They belong to the Butlers, a straight family who have been supportive of the Anchorage Gay Community for many years.

July 4th, 2010 | LINK

I should have kept looking before my last post! I cut and past this information from the following link. Hope it’s OK!

From CBS, KTVA in Anchorage:

Gay Community Rallies Back After Parade Float Burnt
Natalie Travis
CREATED: 07/04/2010 07:03:56 PM PDT

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTVA-CBS 11 News) Two days after fire officials call a blaze that destroyed a gay pride float possible arson, leaders from the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender community’s Imperial Court were able to rebuild their float, taking first prize in the July 4 parade contest.
On a day meant to celebrate freedom of self-expression, the LGBT community seemed to express that this obstacle could not stop them from rising again.

“No matter what happens we will rise above it and we will come together as a community. And we will hold each other up and we will support each other no matter what happens,” says Imperial Court Member Colleen Crinklaw.

Back from the ashes, the float’s theme depicted a phoenix rising, surrounded by the fun parade goers expected to see on the Forth of July. Through that, one soldier’s mom says Lady Liberty’s true meaning was reaffirmed.

“Today we’re celebrating my favorite holiday of the whole year,” Eileen Williams says. “We’re very proud to be Americans. My daughter is leaving next month to go fight for our country. My husband has been in the military for 30 years, so it’s a proud day for my family.”

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