NOM’s followers are so full of “love” that it oozes right out of them

Timothy Kincaid

July 19th, 2010

On the National Organization for Marriage’s Facebook page, the followers of NOM have a few choice things to say about you. Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher will never say these things where they can be heard. But what follows clearly reflects the opinions, perspectives and attitudes of those who actively engage in efforts to deny gay people equality under the law.

Brian and Maggie are the face of the anti-gay movement. Here is its heart:

Fahd Omar: I hate homosexuality. I love the true idea behind the love between a man and a woman. Almost All religions agree to this.

Joshua James Elderkin: …These faggots have nothing left to do but die and go to hell & they’re going to take as many people with them as they can.

RalphandLinda Mccarty: so sad, haters, God love the person, HATES the sin,

Some were upset that two lesbians made out.

Deborah Bartlett: Agreed Peggy, I am so thankful that The Lord has told us that this is an abomination and that it will be something we will not have to put up with for eternity!! I refuse to worry about their feelings or worry about making them mad! They don’t worry about my feelings on their public displays of affection and the fact that it makes me sick and I have to explain to my children that it is against nature ! Heck even animals know it is not right!!! When was the last time you seen two female animals make a nest together or two male animals!! You don’t and won’t!!! It is gross and I have taught my children better and they know it is not something you are born with, that is crap!! God creates life , therefore he will not create trash!! It is a choice you make and a choice you choose to expose others to against our will!!

Kendra Glover: Wow!!!!This wel written. The Gay Agenda!!!!It’s proof that it’s more to this lifestyle. Making sexual gestures? What is that? Let’s get to the meat…….What’s the motive of this so called civil rights movement ( not even close to it). The motive is to change your mind, and think SEXUALLY perversed at all times. Just hearing about them … See Moremaking these horrific gestures is proof of their agenda. It has all to do with promoting ALL KINDS OF SEX. Two people that are of the same sex are not together for the sake of love. For the sake of SEX, the way they want to. Homosexuality is not a person. It is one’s lifestyle wanting and having sex with the same sex. I’m a woman married to man ( not conused). We are not married to have sex. What? The problem is we haven’t challenged them in their agenda. When you talk to your children about sex. Do you have to show them sexual gestures? Do you see the ignorance to this filth? IT’S ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT SEX!!!!

Diane E. Fowler: It is the homosexual attitude, “you can’t ignore me, I’ll shove it down your throat” (and your children’s as well). Keep praying America, please keep praying for these lost sodomites.

And some were espousing real hatred

Joshua James Elderkin: Scott, I’m not trying to win any cause. I just say what I think and whoever likes or dislikes it then great. The whole world is run by Satan, there is no justice or truth presented in the media.
Anyone with a lick of sense and sanity already knows another man’s backdoor isn’t legitimate relations and is filthy and anyone who isn’t is probably a brainwashed moron or a pervert already. Exactly who are we trying to win over?
They go to hell, God wins, thats how it ends and in the meantime coddling them by curbing my language isn’t helping anybody and it’s actually exactly what the homos would like.

And while not all of NOM’s supporters agree with the following, some do

James Yeakley: They feel empowered when civilization stops calling them “pederasts,” “faggots,” and “douche bags,” and begins calling them “gay.” They feel empowered when civilization stops calling what they do “perversion” and starts calling it “an alternate lifestyle.” They feel empowered when they can shut down a city’s major arteries because they are as “proud” to be perverts as people of Irish descent are to be of Irish descent, and if people of Irish descent can parade to show their pride, the perverts must also be permitted to prance near-naked down city streets alongside Hollywood celestials, confused clergy, and pandering politicians.

So, why do we empower them? Because we require our citizens to “embrace tolerance and diversity.” Because what may be disgusting to 93% of us does not trump the “freedom” of the 7% to publicly disgust the 93%.

Can anything be done about it? Someone needs to bring a shovel down on the head of one of these perverted freaks and successfully argue before the courts that acts of doing this are protected free expression–like burning an American flag, on American soil, in a public demonstration, or in a museum of American art.


But most assumed that gay people are the ones hating them and attacking them and that they are loving and righteous and holy. They see themselves as agrieved by our mere existence and deeply wounded by our efforts not to be legally disadvantaged.

These folk actually believe that we are at spiritual war and that gay folks are the aggressors. But Jesus promised them on the cross that they would overcome the homosexuals, so they are assured victory. It’s a mindset that is difficult to fathom if you’ve not experienced it first hand.

And finally, I include this one which just makes me sad:

Jennifer Anderson-Harris: Do you know what’s worse than this?? There is a lady, supported by our gov in office, who is going around the country to schools teaching the alternative ‘sex education.’ She is telling our 4-6th graders that’s it’s OK to be GAY! That improved methods of not getting pregnant are to have sex with YOUR OWN (SAME) SEX! And there isn’t anything that anyone can do to stop it as it’s sanctioned by the White House and his children have already taken her class. With his wife’s ‘blessing’.

Thank you Jesus for allowing me to homeschool my children. That they are learning and teaching Bible scripture. To not tolerate the sin but to love and teach the sinner. To spread the seeds of salvation in your name, JESUS. Thank you!

Jim Burroway

July 19th, 2010

Well, something’s oozing, anyway.

a. mcewen

July 19th, 2010

That IS sad.


July 19th, 2010

After reading this post, for the first time since coming out two years ago, I feel the need to look over my shoulder as an out gay man. This is scary stuff. And what’s even scarier is that the so-called leadership of NOM doesn’t do anything to quell it, but simply encourages it. Sick, freakin sick.


July 19th, 2010

Staggering amount of ignorance on display. On the one hand, they are a shrinking minority, but on the other hand it is both frightning and saddening that people still think this way.

Scary and sad, but I’m not going to stay up at night because ‘someone on the internet is wrong.’ These virtual worlds have a tendency of blowing things out of all proportion.

Oh, and my favorite one that you missed:

Logan, you asked what right we have to deny them a little happiness, and their human rights

well, if you lived in a kingdom and your dad was the king, that would make you a prince or princess? right? and if that was the case, you would have the right to tell others when they weren’t obeying the law your father had set up.

if you are a christian, you are the son or daughter of God ( the king of kings) therefore you have the right to tell others what your father has given them permision to do


July 19th, 2010

Heck even animals know it is not right!!! When was the last time you seen two female animals make a nest together or two male animals!! You don’t and won’t!!!

Sigh. These ignorant people really know nothing about biology (or grammar), and don’t read the news, apparently, because it took less than two minutes of casual Googling to find these:

Gay swans nesting:

Gay penguins raising a chick:

A list of animal species with documented same-sex behavior, including pair bonding and parenting:


July 19th, 2010

I grew up on a farm. I well remember the homosexual bull that we had.


July 19th, 2010

Sickening, sad, and scary. It gives tons of insight as to what they think marriage is, too. If these people wanted to protect their marriages, they’d be going on date nights and weekend trips, not these demonstrations. It’s obvious that “protecting marriage” isn’t what they want at all; it’s about hating LGBT people. I’m amazed by all the kinky sex they seem to think we’re having, too.

L. Junius Brutus

July 19th, 2010

“After reading this post, for the first time since coming out two years ago, I feel the need to look over my shoulder as an out gay man. This is scary stuff. ”

You shouldn’t be scared. These people are utter freaks. Their ignorance is only exceeded by their lack of self-awareness. Yet *these* complete and utter freaks want to make comments about other people. It’s comedy. Do you think that happy and satisfied people would make comments like these? No, they sound like they are miserable – and they deserve it, in my opinion. I’m laughing at them. I’m very happy that my existence makes these very evil people miserable, as if I’m human holy water.

And if you do feel unsafe, you know what to purchase. It’s your right, as the Supreme Court has twice ruled.

Emily K

July 19th, 2010

We should have a page(s) dedicated solely to the hateful and ignorant things being said. If they think the 2 idiot screamers were bad in RI, well, how about hundreds of people calling for our criminalization, punishment, isolation, and execution.


July 19th, 2010

So these haters say gay sex is against nature.

Every farm bay can tell you when one cow, pregnant or in heat, mounts another cow its soon time to use artificial insemination on the cow mounted or introduce a bull to the mounted cow because the mounted cow is in heat.

If this is so against nature how come it happens so often in the animal kingdom.

Rob San Diego

July 19th, 2010

“Can anything be done about it? Someone needs to bring a shovel down on the head of one of these perverted freaks…”

Sadly it’s not a shovel we get to the head, it’s usually a bat or a gun or we’re dragged behind a car and tied up to a fence like Mathew Shephard. When was the last time you heard of someone being straightbashed? This hatred is nothing compared to what was being posted on youtube vids of prop 8 commercials.


July 19th, 2010

The bit where they blamed Todd Ransom for committing suicide was especially classy.


July 20th, 2010

Yet more evidence of how important it is for us all to come out and discuss being gay with our friends and family. The quoted comments all stem from ignorance. Clearly, none of these people are aware of the gay people that surround them and have no idea of the issues we deal with.


July 20th, 2010

I really really hope there is a God and an afterlife, not only because it’s difficult to accept death, but also because I want these people to meet their maker, and have him/her/it show them just how hateful and ridiculous they’ve been. I doubt the existence of God more and more everyday, which I’m sure they would jump at the chance to point out to me is just another of my “sins.” Lately, I’m hating the word “sin” an awful lot. What it is is a man-made code of morals that is extremely faulty. I’m so glad the fact that I found love with another woman is on the same level as cold-blooded murder in the eyes of many intellectually inept people. It’s made the world I live in so great! A guy wants to beat me over the head with a shovel, and he doesn’t understand why that would be offensive. With every generation, less and less people become religious, and I know some people on here are religious, so I’m sorry, but religion is a poison that kills LGBT people all over the world.

L. Junius Brutus

July 20th, 2010

Coxygru, these people can’t be changed any more than cross-burning KKK-members can be changed by getting to know black people. Should you ever “discuss being gay” with a “friend” who is like this, his hate would only increase, because you are “shoving it in his face”. It’s non-insane people who are our hope, without being pushed.


July 20th, 2010

Just watch, the people quoted above will freak out about attaching their names to *words they said on the internet.*

I love, love, love when these folks go ballistic over the sharing of information they *chose* to make public.


July 20th, 2010

I just looked at lots of the comments and flagged a bunch of them, but what’s the use? They hate us and they always will. I was so tempted to email the individuals and tell them what bigots they are, but there’s no point. It’s disgusting.


July 20th, 2010

“Homosexuality is not a person”??????


July 20th, 2010

Adding to what L. Junius Brutus said:

Yeah…don’t cast your pearls to the swine. I learned not to discuss any details about my sexuality with any of my more strident anti-gay co-workers. I had a four-hour discussion with my boss about some aspects of my livelihood and it didn’t change a thing in his mind. I might have made it worse. Besides, I’m not a good representative of how all gays are like.

Though, I do have some “it-is-no-big-deal-if-you-are-gay” friends and we joke a bit.

I’m wondering just what proportion of the general populace are “non-insaners”?

Rachel H

July 20th, 2010

Thank god I read that comment by Kendra Glover. I’m due to marry my girlfriend in less than three weeks’ time, but apparently – despite the fact that said girlfriend claims to want to spend the rest of her life with me and has even agreed to give me a kidney when my current transplant fails (which it almost certainly will within the next 10 years) – she doesn’t love me, SHE JUST WANTS TO GET INTO MY KNICKERS!!!!

Kendra – your wisdom and insight has saved me from a terrible mistake.

Timothy Kincaid

July 20th, 2010

Oh Lordy, I think this one says it all:

Shelah Bumgarner Wik: ABOMINATION : Mark 13:14 PERVERSION : Romans 1:27 DETESTABLE: 1Kings 14:26 WICKED MEN: Judges 19:22 DO NOT: Leviticus 18:22 I will not judge but my LORD will !!

Jason D

July 20th, 2010

“Because what may be disgusting to 93% of us does not trump the “freedom” of the 7% to publicly disgust the 93%.”

Before I get to my main comment, just like to point out that James is actually right (although I doubt he knows it). It’s exactly what the constitution and founding fathers were after with our whole system of checks and balances that “what may be disgusting to 93% of us does not trump the ‘freedom’ of the 7% to publicly disgust the 93%”
Yep, that’s pretty much at the core of our bill of rights. That might does not make right. That the majority doesn’t necessarily rule. This is a concept that a lot of conservatives don’t seem to get.
Our constitution exists so that the people have A SAY in their government, not so we can have mob rule.

Also….93% are disgusted? Really? Why do they always assume everyone who’s not gay is on their side? Surely they’ve met an equality-minded straight person, or do they honestly assume they’re all closet homosexuals?
Most of the people I know are straight and supportive of my relationship. Hell, if my partner can’t be at a family function I get concerned looks and reminders that he is “more than welcome” to join us. That’s nice, Aunt Jean, but he really did have to work today.
My 80+ year old grandfather always asks about my partner. My partner’s father recently passed away and it only took one mention of this in an email sent to my Dad and EVERY SINGLE ONE of his brothers and sisters sent condolence cards addressed specifically to my partner.
93% aren’t “disgusted” Maybe half, and that’s only depending on what you’re talking about specifically.


July 21st, 2010

I personally think it’s a WONDERFUL thing to read responses like these. It shows, in their own words, and in black and white, just how downright rotten and nasty these bigots are. Shines a light on them.

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