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Prop 8 Rally in West Hollywood

Timothy Kincaid

August 5th, 2010

At about six last night I headed to the West Hollywood park to join others who were there to celebrate the outcome of Perry v. Schwarzenegger. I should have tried to get there earlier as the park was packed. Unlike the National Organization for Marriage’s ‘big park, few people’ dynamic, this was a smallish park with hundreds of people jammed in every space with others out on the sidewalk listening even though they couldn’t see.

There was a huge cross-section of the community. I stood behind a young Latina couple in their early 20’s and beside a couple of elderly gay men who brought their dog. Across the way I saw a go-go boy holding up his phone to take a picture of the speakers. I saw people that I know have a wide range of experiences and perspectives all there to celebrate our common cause for equality (the best T-Shirt I saw said “fiscally Republican, socially Democrat, sexually liberal”). Old friends and strangers, we were all family.

To my surprise this turned out to be the rally to be at. Not only were the plaintiffs and the board of the American Foundation for Equal Rights present, but Ted Olson and David Boies as well.

This was my first time to hear Ted Olson speak live, and it was fascinating. He has a deep voice and speaks slowly and I first wondered how he could keep the court’s attention. Then I realized something odd: while the crowd had been mostly attentive for other speakers, it was now completely silent. Olson’s inflection and word choice left you wanting to hear what he next had to say; it was not a courteous attention, it was a rapt attention.

It became clear to me the power of persuasion that this slow speaking man with his carefully measured words could wield and how extremely fortunate we were to have him on our side. When Olson speaks, you want to agree with him. And when he and Boies were done speaking I was convinced that we will take this to the Supreme Court and we will win.

It was thrilling. I’ve been to a lot of political rallies and heard a lot of speeches, but this event will stand out for me.

UPDATE: I finally found the quote. At the rally Boies said:

Most of what you’re going to hear from the other side is going to be a series of attacks,” he said. “They’re going to attack the judge, they’re going to attack the judicial system, they’re going to attack everything they can think of to attack except the court’s opinion because I guarantee you… most of the people that are going to criticize the opinion will not have even read it.”

Maggie, Brian, he might as well have called you out by name.



August 5th, 2010 | LINK

timothy — i wholly agree. every time i hear this man’s voice, i find his inflections, his cadence, his timber all add to the weight of his argument. not to get too ahead of myself, but what about the nebraska judge maggie gallagher referenced and the reversal the 6th circuit court dispensed on his ruling that nebraska’s state constitutional ban on marriage for gay men and lesbians was unconstitutional according to the federal constitution? what are its repercussions if any? i haven’t seen much written about this.

Paul in Canada
August 5th, 2010 | LINK

We are so excited for you all! I can’t help picture that the Prop 8 decision has triggered the avalanche that can’t be stopped until it reaches it’s destination: full equality!

Congratulations and keep up the strong vigilence against the animus that is sure to follow!

On a slightly different note, I can’t help think about all the lost time and resources that have, and will continue to go into, this important fight for equality. Imagine what could have been accomplished by our ‘community’ if we weren’t so focused on this issue.

There are so many, many important issues still to address, with equal fervor. And think about all the lost creativity and contribution to society at large that this fight has taken from us. We have so much to offer our families, communities and society, if only we were allowed to fully engage as equal citizens.

Karen Ocamb
August 6th, 2010 | LINK

Sorry I didn’t see you.

Just FYI – I have the videos posted of both Ted Olson and David Boies speaking – they were great. The post is a kind of “you-are-there” description of what happened that day:‘heroes’-in-west-hollywood/

Timothy Kincaid
August 6th, 2010 | LINK


I could barely find anyone. Thanks for linking to your commentary (check it out, readers). You got some great quotes, as you always do.

Regan DuCasse
August 6th, 2010 | LINK

Hi Karen! GREAT to see you there! And Tim, man…I was having a great time.
When I heard Olsen speak, I heard Atticus Finch’s voice. Know what I’m sayin’?

And yes, I figure when their side appeals. It won’t be on the evidence, facts or merits of the case.
It will be on Walker’s orientation, his ‘bias’ and him being an activist.


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