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Conservative churches welcome homosexuals

Timothy Kincaid

August 18th, 2011

Tony Perkins, lead anti-gay activist at Family Research Council tweeted the following

And he’s right.

As long as you are a “homosexual” – as Tony and fellow believers define the term – the church doors are open wide. To them, a homosexual is someone who engages in sex with persons of the same sex, and has nothing whatsoever to do with attractions, instincts, love, or family. If you show up looking to be delivered from a sinful homosexual lifestyle then you are not only welcomed but celebrated.

Church members will joyously go online to leave comments on the Militant Homosexual Activist Blogsites reporting that the saving grace of Jesus healed a broken and wounded soul right that very morning. Of course, they don’t actually want to associate with that person, “do you know what he’s done? And he’s so very, well, flamboyant still”, but nevertheless they are happy to report deliverance.

Yes indeed, homosexuals are welcome.

Ah, but as for conservative churches welcoming gay people? The folks that do not believe that their orientation – that immutable, natural, and powerful force – is inherently evil? Those folk?

Yeah, not so much.

(hat tip: Joe My God)



August 19th, 2011 | LINK

I’d add that many churches welcome even gay people – people who are clearly “creative” (possibly even a bit flamboyant), single, and don’t visibly date anyone of the opposite sex, as long as they are completely closeted.

Of course, rumors will fly, but as long as the individual does whatever (usually he) can to deflect the rumors, he’s welcome to be a musician, youth leader, teacher, singer, or even priest.

But come out? Make it clear you are okay with it? There’s the door.

Same basic point, though. As long as you see yourself as broken and treat the church as a hospital, you are welcome. They’ll be happy to use you. But see yourself as whole, as an equal member of God’s kingdom, as a full member of the community with nothing shameful to hide? Nah.

It isn’t your personal beliefs that matter. It is your public persona. God may care only what’s in your heart, but vanishing few churches do.

August 19th, 2011 | LINK

Lymis, you have pegged the hypocrisy of the churches. I do agree with Perkins that homosexuals would be welcome but we should ask him if they will welcome gays.

I had my first relationship when I was 21 and lived with the man for over a year. I was still to naive to ask the questions I needed to as. I was warned repeatedly that we must never discuss what we did. This was 1959-60 and there were no resources. While I didn’t feel bad about the sex or think it was wrong I did understand that society would punish me for loving that man. What ultimately happened was we broke up and I went deeply into the closet for 35 years and it wasn’t just a lack of discussion it was no sex either.

I came out at 55. I am now gay. Before I came out I was homosexual but definitely not gay.

We need to differentiate between homosexual and gay. A homosexual denies who he is and or hates himself. That was me from 21 to 55 after 55 I celebrate who I am.

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