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Ugandan First Lady Affirms Support For “Kill The Gays” Bill

Jim Burroway

September 23rd, 2011

Uganda’s First Lady and Member of Parliament Janet Museveni confirmed her support for the draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill in an op-ed published yesterday in the pro-government New Vision newspaper. Museveni complains that press freedoms in Uganda have encouraged “elements within the media who have abused the environment of free expression, by making themselves available to the highest bidder in the political arena with all its ugly wars,” and points to recent reports of a Wikileaks cache illuminating her support for the bill. In yesterday’s op-ed, she wrote:

The second Daily Monitor report alleges that I am the initiator of the Gay Bill. This ludicrous claim is not only an insult to Hon. Bahati, the originator of the bill but also to me, because it implies that I need to hide behind someone else in order to introduce a bill in parliament.

I believe Ugandans know by now that I have always had the courage to stand by my convictions – even when they go against the grain of prevailing popular opinion. I think I have adequately demonstrated, in my work over the years, that I can boldly stand by what I believe in without fear or favour.

Last month, Wikileaks published U.S. diplomatic cables which described a meeting between U.S. diplomats and Ugandan Senior Presidential adviser John Nagenda and U.S. Ambassador to Uganda, Jerry Lanier. According the the dispatch, Nagenda said that Janet Museveni was “ultimately behind” the draconian legislation that would have imposed the death penalty on LGBT Ugandans. It remains unclear from the context whether being “ultimately behind” was intended to mean that the bill was her initiative, or whether she was placing her support behind the bill. Evidence appears to point to the latter, but even if her involvement is limited to support, it is still no small matter when the support comes from the wife of a powerful President.

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September 24th, 2011 | LINK

God, but she has a sour expresson on her face. Did she drink a gallon of lemon juice before she had that picture taken?

In almost every picture of that woman I’ve ever seen she looks unhappy or has an outright hateful expression on her face. Why would someone with so much power seem so miserable?

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